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Alone Time
Here is the list of my fiction work, beware most of of my work is for Adults and some concepts (in particular Spanking, heavily featured throughout) may be considered edgy by some. For everyone else, enjoy!

Please exercise caution and good sense when engaging in your personal and private relationship activities and do not under any circumstances consider that anything shared in these adult fantasies & fictional pieces of work is condoned by the author or even remotely encouraged in real life. To each it's own, be respectful and encouraging to the creative endeavours represented here, they are not made for profit, just for fun!

145 stories to date :)


The Three Gulls: a Point in Time
(Nathan/Audrey/Duke) NC-17 ~ Part 1 (Nathan POV) The Sky was Falling, Part 2 (Duke POV) Empty Sky, Part 3 (Duke catches up with Nathan with feels) A Brave New World, Part 4 (Audrey POV) Revealed, Exposed and Noticed, Part 5 At Last (Duke/Nate, Audrey with Duke & Nate, Nathan/Audrey/Duke).

In Our Haven (Nathan/Audrey/Duke) PG-15 ~ letter fic from Duke to Nate (established relationship) for spanking_world 2017 letter challenge ~ Nathan wakes up alone to find a note from his lover promising him plenty of good times...


At Night (Wesley/lilah) NC-17 ~ fic for prompts from milly_gal, spanking_world, and my own prompt table ~ Sexy times in Wes bedroom...

The Very Picture of Penance (Angel/lindsey, Spike) PG-15 ~ fic for spankingfemme

birthday ~ In season 5 of Angel the Series, Angel finds out Lindsey has been impersonating Doyle, his fallen guide, to get Spike to do his work for him and dividing the team at Wolfram and Hart. The vampire is angry and enrolls Spike to deal with the situation... You wouldn't want to be Lindsey...

I Told You So (Angel/cordy) PG ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Angel promised Cordy some disciplining if she didn't focus on her training, he delivers!

We all Get It (Angel/spanky) PG ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Angel showcase why he really is "the" Boss!

Seeing Red (Wes/fred) NC-17 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Wes is infected by Billy and turn misoginist and violent towards Fred in a different way.

The Most Memorable Taste (Angel, Angelus) PG-13 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabble fest challenge ~ Angel has a hard time dealing with the memories of Angelus.

That's Five... (Angel/buffy) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 2481 words. Angel tries to push Buffy to train much harder... Spanking ensues.

One Right doesn’t right a Wrong (Angel) NC17 ~ficlet~ 914 words Angel just made out with Eve and now alone with himself he needs to take the stress away...

Cordy is Being Taken Care Of (Angel, Cordy) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 1,804 words This is set in Season 1, post Expecting (a few episodes after Doyle's death and the inclusion of Wes to the team).

Some Like it Hot, Most Don't! (Lindsey, Darla and Spike) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 4,163 words written for nekid_spike

A Sleeping Beauty (Cordy/Spike) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 2,200 words set parallel to I Will Remember You. Spike is taking avantage of a sleeping Cordy.

In Time (Angel/Nina) PG-13 ~ ficlet ~ 344 words Angel and Nina survived

See also the Crossover Silence is Always Golden with Xander.


Again? (Skinner/mulder, Scully) PG ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Scully is exasperated with Mulder and leave him to be straighten up by Skinner.

Sexy is Out There (Mulder/Scully) NC-17 ~ficlet~ 922 words Mulder is awaken by Scully phone call and manage to please himself while listening to his partner…


He Knows When (Stefan/elena) PG-13 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Stefan is reflecting on spanking from both sides of the aisle...

Coming Undone (Katherine/damon) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 1232 words answer to prompts from the  community. Katherine and Damon are hiding from The Originals in the Middle East during their Halloween and have some fun.


Here is Daddy... (Klaus/tyler) PG-15 ~ Fic for Rare Fandom / Rare Pairing challenge at spanking_world
~ Tyler brought Haylee in the Bayou to use her unborn child to create Hybrids but is caught up by Klaus and the confrontation is not going well for him...

As the World turns round and round... (Eliijah/klaus) PG-13 ~ Fic for SpankVent advent calendar at spanking_world ~ spanking_world ~ Klaus pissed a few more people in New Orleans, enough to upset Elijah and prompt him to take action!


It Has to Be Done (Dom/brian) PG-13 to PG-15 ~ fic ~ 3050 words answer to a request by always_angel for some Dom/brian spanking (reason and implement up to writer)... Brian has a hard time dealing with some of the perceived failures of his adventures, in particular his part in Letty's disapearance and Mia's abduction, so Dom has to help him. Part 2 is posted and the story is now complete.

And Time Stood Still (Brian/mia) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 7265 words answer to a prompt made at quartermile-km in which Vamp!Brian meets a little vision that makes him suddenly crave the Weres!Toretto company. It's explicit and a bit long and could be continued as a verse... Part 2 is already posted and this story is now complete.

Comeuppances (Bobby/Roman, Brian) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 3720 words. Rome and Brian head to Rome hometown, aka Detroit to spend some quality time with his big brother Bobby Mercer. This is a crossover that was started in November and sadly completed after Paul Walker (i.e. Brian here) perished in a fiery car accident. The tone do shift at the end due to the circumstances.

Jack's Been Naughty (Brian/jack) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 2385 words. Pre-teen Jack's has been naughty this Christmas... He touched Daddy's muscle car...

A Dreamy Reality (Elena/Letty/Dom dynamic) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 1900 words. Post FF 6, Elena stayed in Los Angeles to work with Hobbs and visit the Toretto's one weekend to have her car fixed, Dom is inspired and gets a Happy :)


Burning Love (John Young/Cara Coburn) NC-17 ~ 920 words ~ fic ~ Love is a complex emotion and John is learning to look into it in a new way, challenged by the events and the new maturity Cara is gaining now that she has more options. It's hard and Messy; and hot maybe ♥

Fear Not (John Young/Astrid Finch) NC-17 ~ 854 words ~ ficlet ~ Love is a complex emotion and John, like Cara had an opportunity to explore something different. It's new and he has no frame of reference to appreciate Astrid but he is ready and maybe she is too.

Occurrence (John Young/Astrid Finch) NC-17 ~ 983 words ~ fic ~ Astrid was too much in the moment to remember all the nuances of their first time together so she looks for a repeat...


Simply the Best (Captain John and Jack) PG ~ drabble ~ for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest. Let's talk about you and me and implements baby...


Paddled shaped cookies: the production :)
(Derek Hale, The Pack) PG ~ drabble poem ~ for spanking_world Spankvent. Chritmas morning breakfast by Derek...

Caring my ass... (Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles) PG ~ ficlet ~ for spanking_world Valentine's Day Celebration. Inspired by 2 photos


The Past Outcast (Sheppard/McKay) PG ~ fic ~ 1742 words. answer to the 2012 Secret Santa request by starbuckssue at sheppard_hc community. John is hurt and supposedly on bed rest but become restless and faces some incertitudes.


I Need You (Uhura/spock) PG-13 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Uhura is having a hard time with Spock lack of expression of his love, Spock too.


Promises, promises... (Walter/ray) NC-17 ~ fic for carlyinrome
birthday request at spanking_world. Ray and Walter are together in a domestic discipline relationship. Ray is coming back from a long assignment away from home and managed to earn some punishment and have some fun too…


A World of Memories (John Winchester/dean, John/neal, Peter/neal) PG ~ fic ~ 1878 words ~ Supernatural & White Collar ~ Birthday Present for itsmecoon ~ Neal is trying to steal a piece of jewelry and end up in a storage unit owned by John Winchester, finding some insightful journals and a new understanding of his own actions…

Silence is Always Golden (Neal Caffrey / xander harris) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 2064 words ~ White Collar & Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~ Birthday Present to azure_chaos ~ Neal and Xander are in a committed relationship, however during a dinner at Peter's house, Xander lets some info slip about Neal hidden stash of goodies and Neal decides to punish his boy for it...

Comeuppances (Bobby/Roman, Brian) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 3720 words. Rome and Brian head to Rome hometown, aka Detroit to spend some quality time with his big brother Bobby Mercer. This is a crossover between 4 Brothers and the Fast and the Furious that was started in November and sadly completed after Paul Walker (i.e. Brian here) perished in a fiery car accident. The tone do shift at the end due to the circumstances.


Wakey, Pokey
(Neal Caffrey/ Sara Ellis) NC-17 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Neal is waking up Sara sexily...

Laughter (Peter Burke / neal caffrey) PG ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabble fest ~ Peter is surprising his colleagues.

See also the Crossovers A World of Memories and Silence is Always Golden.


Oh Boy! (Sam/ofc, Al) PG-15 ~ drabble for spanking_world
2013 drabblefest ~ Sam leap in a very personal couple moment, too closely followed by Al.


Almost a Dream (Dorian/john kennex) PG-15 ~ 1300 words ~ Fic for Free For All Kinky Comment Meme ~ Kennex has trouble functioning with various memories coming back at the most inopportune moment, he can't sleep and Dorian takes it upon himself to help.


The Formative Years (Idriss/eliot) PG-15 ~ Fic for spanking_world birthday fic for razzie2414 and 2013 rare fic ~ Here is how teenager Eliot becomes the incredible and unique Hitter he is today.


Outburst (first story in spanking_world challenge Bingo by spankingfemme) ~ he is waiting for his spanking...

Caring my ass... (Father and son) PG ~ ficlet ~ for spanking_world Valentine's Day Celebration. Inspired by 2 photos


Clauses and Stipulations (Sam Winchester & Dean Smith) PG15 ~ fic ~ 1524 words ~ Sam is writing what he expect from sub Dean once they start living together... (Part of the In the Service of his Master series)

Crime and Spanking (Dean and Sam Winchester) PG13 ~ fic ~ 4405 words ~ Dean and Sam have to find a way forward after Ruby is finally out of their lives...

I am Death, not a concept (Death POV) ~ drabble ~ 483 words ~ Called to serve again, Death is having a fit and thinking things thru...

A day in the life of Dean Winchester (Dean POV) PG ~ drabble ~ 511 words ~ reflecting on the path so far...

A day in the life of Ben Braeden (Ben POV) PG ~ drabble ~ 657 words ~ being Ben rocks!

Growing Up (Winchester bro POV) PG ~ poem ~ 204 words ~ a short look back at what growing up a Winchester entailed...

Caring my ass... (John Winchester and Dean) PG ~ ficlet ~ for spanking_world Valentine's Day Celebration. Inspired by 2 photos

Don't Mess with Me or One of Mine (Sam, Dean/cole) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 2148 words ~ In season 10, Cole has taken Sam hostage to get to Dean, sadly for him this Dean is demony and dark.

Decadent? Excessive? Not in my Dreams! (Crowley/dean) NC-17 ~ ficlet ~ 526 words ~ Crowley and Dean are hunting together, Sam cut his brother with his harsh words about Dean neediness and Crowley take advantage of the situation, helping Dean forget about the fights by concentrating on him!!!

Oh Yeah Baby (Sam/madison) NC-17 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ Sam is enjoying a kinky night.

Fire and Brimstone (John/dean, John/sammy) PG ~ ficlet ~ 610 words ~ wee Dean and Sammy listen to a sermon from Father Jim and decide to stand up for Jesus to the local law enforcement. Dedicated to the awesome  trumanshell for her birthday. Also part of spanking_world 2013 drabble fest.

Will You Obey, Please? (Sam/dean, Victor Henricksen/dean) PG13 ~ fic ~ 1780 words ~ story of Dean getting spanked for his careless ways by his brother and his friend written for reapertownusa prompt request in the 2012 Holiday Exchange at spanking_world

Learning, one Step at a Time (John, Dean, Sammy, mention of Bobby) PG ~ fic ~ 2333 words ~ story inspired by one of the prompt at spn_spankings taken from John Winchester Journal for the 2012 Holidays Challenge. John brings Dean to hunt for the first time and little Sammy interrupt smartly the proceedings.

Five Drabbles for spn_bigpretzel Holiday Drabbles Challenge all entries are PG:A Supernatural Halloween (John w. teenagers Dean and Sam) PG ~ fic ~ 1,367 words ~ Pre-series ~ answer to prompt at spanking_world Halloween meme. The boys organize their first solo hunt together, sadly, it's the same John is doing and once he finds his boys in harm ways, he gets creative with their punishment...

Finally... (Dean/sam) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 2,516 words ~ Season 1 pre Faith ~ Birthday present to tyanne_b ~ Dean is tired of the way Sam treats him, casually making fun of what a good soldier boy he is to their Dad, etc and the atmosphere between the two is getting poisoned by it. Dean suggest a way to clear the air by spanking Sam...

In the Service of his Master (Sam/dean) NC-17 ~ long fic ~ 15,294 words ~ AU ~ answer to prompt at Slave Exchange with Sam, a Dominant ER doc helping his dad after a hunt and finding a submissive man that could change his life...
Part 1 -Part 1b- Part 2 Part 3

Not an Outsider
(John, Sam, Dean, mention of Caleb) PG13 ~ fic ~ 5,406 ~ Pre Series ~ Sam is a moody and angst ridden teenager that pays the price for being bitchy....

You and Me... Against the Whole Wide World
(Sam) PG ~ fic ~ 1,458 ~ Pre Series ~ The adventures of the Winchesters boys on Sam’s first day at School, spanking ensues...

Hurt (John, Dean, Sam) PG ~ fic ~ 3,116 ~ Pre Series ~ John is seriously hurt in a hunt and Dean and Sam come to the rescue as each Winchester reacts differently to the event and yearn for more comfort.

Keeping it Real (Dean) NC17 ~ ficlet ~ 776 words Dean is having the time of his life, alone at home... Part of the self love stories.

The Initiation of Dean Winchester: The Pink Panties of Rhonda Hurley (Dean Winchester/Rhonda Hurley) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 2,970 words ~ This fantasy is what could have made both Future Dean and our Dean dream for years.

Evil Little Things (John, Sam, Dean) PG ~ Preseries ~ drabble ~ 456 words ~ cute and fun story about John facing a mighty kitchen appliance.

Penance is Overrated (Sam, Ruby) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 1,912 words ~ Just before Dean is brought back from Hell by Castiel, we see how Sam has been spending his time and how he hooked up with Ruby.

The Winchester Way (Dean, Sam, Adam and John Winchester) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 7,300 ~ Spanking in the Winchester household (prequel to A Winchester Clash)

A Winchester Clash (John, Adam) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 1,288 words Another spanking in the Winchester family (follow up to The Winchester Way)

JW Missing Journal 03-04-83(John Winchester) PG ~ ficlet ~ 508 words John's Journal Entry. John's POV; he is thinking of how he is raising his sons.

JW Missing Journal 11-10-00(John Winchester) PG ~ ficlet ~ 521 words ~ John's Journal Entry. John's POV; Veteran's Day in the Winchester household.

JW Missing Journal - 09-02-02(John Winchester) PG ~ ficlet ~ 581 words ~ John's Journal Entry. John's POV; the elder Winchester reflects on Sam abrupt departure

JW Missing Journal 04-06-06(John Winchester) PG ~ ficlet ~ 589 words ~ John's Journal Entry. John's POV; the Hunter is debating if he should send Dean the coordinates to face the Shritga demon again.

Hunter and Prey(John, Dean) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 5,126 words ~ John spanks Dean, Jo appears as well.

Wreck on the Highway(John/Mary) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 3,118 words Pre-Series ~ John gives Mary a spanking.

Paying My Dues (John Winchester/Adam's Mom) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 2,271 words ~ A new story exploring another side of John, one he never would entered in his journal by respect for his sons...


Games he Plays (Jared/others) PG ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabble fest ~ Jared gets bored during filming and ensures everyone else is wide awake...

A Tale of Two Spankings (OFC/J2) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 1,601 words ~ Jared and Jensen are in a Triad with a lovely woman (of your choice) and share with her a domestic discipline relationship. They are in trouble for procrastinating... Written for alexc_5 birthday at spanking_world.

Five Bingo Cards for the Naughty selection at spanking_world or the Naughty or Nice Bingo Cards The Naughty Verse (all entries PG-15 to NC-17 written in collaboration with) contains Spanking and on the last story Sex:

  1. Setting You Up (prompt: voyeur - Jared/jeff, Jensen) Jeff, a successful executive, comes once in awhile to meet a couple of Tops to help him relieve his stress and clear his mind before returning to his regular life. This is the story of such a meeting ~ 2009 words fic.

  2. And the Beat Goes On (prompt: punished - Jensen/jeff, Jared/jeff) Jeff is at the house shared by J2's and receive the cane first from Jensen and then by Jared before crashing happily for the night ~ 1884 words fic.

  3. Silence is Golden (prompt: dirty talk - Jared/jeff, Jared/jensen) Jeff and Jensen have a short argument that Jared settles with a hairbrush ~ 3259 words fic.

  4. In You I Trust (prompt: sluts - Jared/jeff, Jensen) Jeff is discussing how he feels with the couple and express how bothered he is by his acquaintances thinking that people like him are sluts ~ 2734 words fic

  5. In Their Arms (prompt: threesome - Jared/jeff/Jensen) The three men, after a cathartic discussion and spanking session, come together, enjoying a mental and physical release they all needed.

The J's Triad Verse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki) PG-15 to NC-17 ~ fics ~ 3,135 words ~ A new verse exploring the loving triad created by the J's and their spanking fun...  This is a J3 established relationship verse.

  1. I'm Gonna Tell on You - Jared wants Jeff to Punish Jensen for his incessant vexations ~ 245 words

  2. Homeboys - Jeff comes home ready to punish his boys ~ 634 words

  3. Shock and Awe - The spanking occurs and it brings all three men together ~ 656 words

  4. Going once, going twice - The next morning, everyone is reminded of their household rules ~ 1601 words

  5. Forlorn This is Story 5 in the J's Triad Verse and it's a songfic based on Turn the Page by Bob Seger. Jensen is away from his family, touring with an itinerent Theatre Company and missing Jeff and Jared ~ 1152 words

Awakening for You (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jared) NC-17 ~ fic~ 5,082 words ~ While in College, Jared meet the owner of the Copy place by the University and they start a new relationship (answer to wolfish_willow challenge in Fall Fandom Free for All 2011 who wanted a first time fic).

A Day in the Life... (Jared/Jensen) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 1,165 words ~ Jared and Jensen are roomates and Jared is discovering that he happens to like the odd noises a mute Jensen is making in his daily routine. In fact, he loves them enough to get turned on...

A Run in the Park (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles) PG-13 ~ fic ~ 2,142 words ~ Answer to prompt left on 2nd JDM/Jensen comment meme; JDM is an Alpha interested in Jensen, he makes his interest known during the first winter hunt run for their pack. WIP

Just Ask, Baby (Jared Padalecki/Genevieve) PG-15 ~ fic ~ 1,658 words ~ Answer to the request left by knottysocks spanking_world; Jared and genevieve have a light Domestic Discipline agreement and tonight, after Gen misbehave she gets the spanking she has coming...

A Whole New World to Discover (Were!Jared/Were!jensen) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 2098 words ~ First Role Play Story written with jjia912. Were!Jared, found his mate, a younger Omega named Jensen. Their life is good but Jared knows it would be even better with the introduction of spanking in their relationship... Jensen doubts it... Story is followed by Pleasure Knows no Bound.

Pleasure Knows no Bound (Were!Jared/Were!jensen) NC-17 ~ fic ~ 1740 words ~
Role Play Collaboration with jjia912 The couple re-discover and explore their new found fascination with spanking and how hot the sex gets to be after a nice warm-up... Story follows A Whole New World to Discover.

OT3-100 (Jared/Jeffrey/Jensen) PG-13 to NC-17 ~ 100 Drabbles of 100 to 400 words each ~ Answers to table from the community OT3-100; These drabbles depict key moments in an established threesome relationship.


The 6th Sense: I See them Too (Dr. Malcom Crowe) NC-17 ~ drabble for spanking_world 2013 drabblefest ~ When you are in his line of work, you understand the need for extreme downtime...

The Avengers: From his knees... A World of Discoveries (Tony/bruce) NC-17 ~ 4 chapters long fic for  round 3 ~ For Bruce it's all about Control and this exploration with Tony will change is world!


Special Victims Unit: 4 icons and 3 banners for foxfire90 new community svu_discipline

Have a great read and Do not Hesitate to Comment it feeds the Muse!

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