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Musical Meme for the Winchesters
For those of you that need a break, I thought we could play a little game to inspire new fics....

It be to list the songs or instrumental music you believe would be the favorites of the Winchester family at different key moments of their lives.

Pick a number, a family member and tell us what song (artist) really represents that moment for you. You do not have to find an answer to all the numbers but it could be fun to see how their tastes would have evolved... You are welcome to do more than one member for each question too ♥

  1. Falling in Love (John/Mary, Sam/Jess, Dean/Lisa or whoever else you want that is cannon)

  2. Being 4 year old and Kindergarten (Sam, Dean, maybe if inspired Adam and/or Ben)

  3. Being 11 year old and rocking Middle School (Sam, Dean, maybe if inspired Adam and/or Ben)

  4. Being 16 and emoting? thinking you are at the top of the world? believing you know better? etc... (could be young Mary or young John, Dean or/and Sam, even Adam)

  5. Being 24 and supposedly a man or a woman, lol (Mary, John, Dean or/and Sam)

  6. Being 30 and knowing how shitty the world really is (for any of them)

I hope you'd enjoy thinking of something and reading what others came up with :-)

1 should be Marry me By train, Imagine how it would've been for John getting close to this confident amazing girl who carries herself as if she could kick you, the one that has the whole town drooling and doesn't even turn to see any of the guys.
"If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe, say you will"

2 for Dean without Mom and still kindergarden and all that? Colors by Amos Lee, one of my fav songs ever!!
"when you're gone, all the colors fade"
4 I wonder by Chris Isaak, for any character, as a retrospective.

5 For Dean Superman by five for fighting, I don't know why but I always thought about that song as Dean's song.

"Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see"

6 gotta be Don't you Cry by Kamelot for Dean

the vid pretty much explains everything, besides the lyrics
For Mom
"I lost you so early
the days went so fast
you don't know how I prayed every day

a song to remember
a song to forget "

For Dad:
"you'll never know how I tried
to make you proud
and to honor your name but
you never told me goodbye"

don't you cry
angels never far away
I'll be watching over you
see you through

Hopefully I'm not ust rambling senseless here. and I'm sorry for all the stuff I crammed here.

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Oh wow... These are awesome examples... The extract are so emotional, thank you for sharing!

I have to try to narrow my choices down :)

glad you liked them
I'm a sucker for supernatural and my fav characters*Dean* soundtracks LOL

I so love my Dean too, lol. Glad to share to love with you :)

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