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Seeing Red (Angel) PG13 (Wes/Fred)
Title: Seeing Red
Author: spankedbyspike

Fandom: Wesley Wyndham Pryce/Fred Burkle (Angel)
Implement: Hand
Team: Paranormal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: In the episode Billy, men touching a man called Billy often ended in violent fits of rage towards the women in their lives, Wes gets infected and Fred is caught, paying the price…

Wesley was going beserk, his mind clouded, his spirit angry. He’d cornered Fred and wrestled the frightened girl to his bedroom, using his bulk and nervous energy to drop her on his lap, pinning her legs between his and forcibly shoving her jeans down, baring the creamy skin of her behind that he attacked without preamble. Wes spanked without restrain, blaming her incoherently for all the ills of their lives, peppering her tenderized buttocks like a man possessed with short and powerful smacks, incensed by the pleas that made no sense, intent on making her pay for all those troubles…


Yep, it still beats the homicidal tendency of the original :)

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