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AtS: We All Get It (Angel/spanky) season 5 PG
Title: We all Get It
Author: spankedbyspike
Fandom: Angel/spanky (Angel)
Implement: Wood Paddle
Team: Paranormal
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: In the episode Conviction in season 5, a shady character is acting tough with the new boss of Wolfram and Hart and our dear Angel show him the errors of his way.

Conviction 5-1 quote:
And there's something else you should know about me. [picks up a paddle and knocks him across the room] I have no problem spanking men.

Angel liked his new job at WH. Throwing Spanky on the back of his own sofa was gratifying, paddling his tight butt was freaking orgasmic… That prick thought he was the big thing. In a town like LA he seriously needed to be put down a peg.

The bounce Angel obtained from the wriggling buttocks, the screams as the hard wood connected with its target, the toes reaching out for an elusive purchase on the floor were pleasant to the vampire’s taste… The cover of the clothes could not compensate for the measured strength of the mighty and relentless spanks.


Nice! Now he needs to take that paddle to Lindsey *evil grin* ;)

Yeah he does :)

Angel just need to yield more spankings, lol.

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