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Star Trek: Into the Darkness - I Need You (Uhura/spock) PG-15
Star Trek Into the Darkness * Uhura/spock * 100 words * Teen

I need you by SbS

“Why couldn’t you care?”

Spank! The paddle fell on Spock’s exposed buttocks.

“How often do I have to see you take these dangerous assignments?”

Spank. The paddle lifted Spock on his toes, red imprint turning white.

“Can you imagine the nightmares plaguing my sleep?”

Spank. Spank… Uhura was done talking. The love of her life was either going to learn to share his love, his care, his hopes with her or she would have to find a way to live without the love and dedication she dreamt of and needed.

She continued to spank and him to cry silent tears.

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Great story!!!! I love this so much, esp the visual image of him going up on his toes. GO UHURA!!!!

Here's an image I found of Spock crying that I thought you'd like. Thought it went with your story:

Oh my! I love you so much right now!!!! You Rock!!!!

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