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Life as it should be...

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It was a great birthday and this was a wonderful surprise! thank you again! :) *Big hugs*

It was my pleasure to offer you something, you completely carried our team during the drabble challenge and I really liked the challenge of mixing these two fandoms :-)

Thank you for the kind words and since they are so different it's kind of fun to try and mix them together.

Since I don't watch White Collar, I am not sure of the character you are referring to in this story, but it didn't seem to matter much. I still enjoyed the glimpse into the Winchester's world through the eyes of an outsider.

Just one thing--What tape was it and did Dean think it was worth getting in trouble over? :)

Enjoyed it! :)

Neal and Peter are the heroes of White Collar who's only on USA during the summer. I think season 4 is coming. I don't write them often but the request got me thinking and as you said I thought it would be neat to explore the Winchester world through an outsider pov.

I am glad that carried through well for you :)

I hadn't settled on the Music but I am thinking QUEEN... Another One Bites the Dust maybe (lol)

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