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Fast and Furious AU: And Time Stood Still ~ NC17 ~ Brian/mia, Dom/Letty ~ Challenge

Title: And Time Stood Still

Author: spankedbyspike

Summary: In a world in which Vampires, Werewolves and other Supernatural creatures coexist silently with humans, a fortuitous encounter leads an Alpha Vampire from Miami to fight for his soul mate’s love no matter the differences that separate them.

Themes Requested by lord_spyridon at the quartermile_km Kink Prompt Exchange found here:

Word Count: 3150 for Part 1 but 7265 words total

Special Thanks to
angelus2hot for the 3 wonderful story banners she created for me. I rarely get one and these made my day ♥

Contains: Brian/Mia # Dom/sub # Alpha # Anonymous sex # Vampire, Werewolves, Faes # Wings # various Kinks # Very Mature & Explicit adult activities...

Dedicated to: Lord_spyridon, I hope this little story somehow fulfilled some of your expectations

ff story banner by a2h

And Time Stood Still by SbS

The party was in full swing when Brian and his crew joined in. He’d arrived in town few days ago and his right hand found the race and the party. Roman was good at these
kinds of things; if there were women, booze, dancing to be found, he’d find it. He was a hound for good life. Of course Tej, the Omega of their little group was the man in charge of supplies and making life good for his Alpha, and Brian couldn’t have been in better hands for scouting this new city.

There were talks of consolidation on the East Coast, and Brian was certain he didn’t want to share. So, here he was, with his two lieutenants, investigating the charms of the West Coast. Of course, they were a bit hungry, so a willing body giving some of its sweet and warm up blood could only make them more amenable to find a niche.

The house on Echo Park was just too suburban for his taste, but the party was in full swing, people were dancing, drinking, arguing, and fighting everywhere. The cultural mix was so predominant, n o one paid attention to the group of vamps fanning around, no one really even blinked when Brian followed the pretty girl that was heading towards the kitchen. He liked herding his prey away from others but if said prey wanted to offer herself to his perverse attention, he’d take the gift and enjoy it too.

The olive-skinned beauty had long, straight hair flowing around her slender shoulders, a tiny waist and a spring in her step that inspired Brian’s carnal desires immediately. It was easy for his kind to move silently, and he relished the surprised yelp she let out when she saw him appear seemingly out of nowhere as she closed the refrigerator door, hands full of drinks.

He grinned, careful not to leer, hoping it would come up nice and sweet. She looked back at him with the look of a poor deer caught in the headlight, shoved the bottles on the countertop and quickly backed up putting a few feet between herself and the handsome stranger. There was some kind of predatory vibe coming off the man that was troubling and yet exciting. Young Mia simply didn’t know how to react. And with her luck, her big, bad wolf of a brother was away on pack business.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Actually, it was even more important than that, they were preparing for her upcoming 18th birthday party and for her initiation. She had been adopted when she was barely a babe, abandoned on a clearing by the river. She could have been killed but instead the little boy that had been Dominic and his best friend Vince had found her crying and brought her back to their little community.

When in her brother’s arms, she never cried. When Vince made fun of her incredibly colorful back tattoos and got a bloody nose for his trouble, she laughed and ran into the brotherly embrace of Dom. When at puberty, everyone around them started to shift and she couldn’t, he was the one to reassure her that she had a higher purpose and not to worry. She began to educate herself medicinally, learning to mend broken limbs and scratches, sometimes even cure food poisoning, because those Weres sure were reckless at times! So, she did find her higher calling and thanks to everyone’s support Mia was developing into quite a nice healer.

Still, where was her big brother when she faced a completely new threat that made her heart palpitate and lose beats, her body sweat and her mind transform into a puddle of goo?

The tall man was pressed against the counter top, too close for comfort. His hair was cropped close to his head, few locks curling at the ears, a penetrating blue gaze and a show of those pearly whites that just seemed that much sharper than usual… A deadly combination…

Mia raised her hand as to stop him from getting closer and unexpectedly, the stranger seized the long and delicate fingers, using the pull to bring her closer to him. She might have thought about how small she was in comparison, except that she couldn’t form a coherent idea even if her life depended on it. It could be pheromones, it could be the infectious smile, or it could be … The kiss that she couldn’t remember initiating but was taking her breath away.

His crisp shirt was somehow bundled in her fists, lifted clear from his dress pants, her skirt was bunched up and she could feel goose bumps rising on her heated thighs with both the cool air conditioner blasting at full capacity and the powerful grip that lifted her off the ground and set her on the counter top.

Somehow she was opening her legs and her arms to this guy and she was deftly pulling the belt out of its loops, opening the button; the zipper caught so she yanked hard, maybe as hard as the tug he’d used to rid her of her top that ended up tattered and pooling down, freeing her heaving breast for his perusal.

There was some biting and some gasping, there could have been some nibbling, and even some begging, fingers bruising unblemished skin and veins ready to pop.

Brian was as far gone as Mia. They didn’t know each other, but there was something so alluring in this young girl he didn’t feel like resisting. He had wanted to feed; now he wanted to own, to subjugate, to dominate and lose himself in this little girl. He was lucky, there was no one else’s scent on her skin, no trace of anyone in her pure blood. And even more incredible, she felt more than human and nothing like the shifters he knew. Brian had to capture that uniqueness, to preserve her and cherish her, but even more he had to have her blood heating his veins. He was intoxicated and he had yet to fully taste her. This was going to be a long night!

So, he remedied that particular problem, he pushed her panties aside and slowly let two of his fingers find her core. He let his thumb strum on her engorged clit but couldn’t muster the patience to not delve into her, play in her juices, prepare her for him.

He hadn’t anticipated the inner barrier though, flimsy as it was for him; it was something he wanted to savor. The gentleman in him stopped pushing in favor of scissoring, his mouth catching every stolen breath, his sharpened teeth grazing the beautiful column of her neck, his tongue lathing the cheek, his desire to mark her over-powering any other instinct.

He removed his fingers and brought them to both their lips, licking the delicacy right under her nose, appreciating the fine nectar and cherishing the fact he will very soon make a woman of her, his woman. Her excitement was palpable and her squirming was his undoing. He dropped to his knees keeping her legs spread and nuzzled her thighs while using his strong fingers to keep her on the edge, open, hungry. Her scent was tantalizing and his digits sneaked inside her underwear, until they became too much of a distraction and an impediment, and he ripped them off. Her whole body shuddered and she slumped a bit forward, holding on to his strong shoulders, she felt on the verge of something but couldn’t name it, couldn’t even focus on it, she just wanted more and now!

She was dripping wet, and Brian drowned in the aroma. His vision blurred and he closed his eyes at the same moment he closed the distance and finally lapped at the juices running slowly on the plump outer lips protecting her virginity. He didn’t know how he could ever stop himself from eating her out tonight, tomorrow, next week… He wanted her to explode, implode, lose herself to the sensations and beg for more. He dove and enjoyed himself, his ears burning hot as she started closing her legs tighter and tighter around his head as she raced to completion.

He knew how to make it all good for the both of them and bit the girl, his teeth on the smooth, silky thigh his cheek was resting on. The pinch was intense and she struggled at first but as he started pulling her blood, coating his teeth, letting his tongue bath in the precious liquid, she jerked in his embrace, looking for comfort, looking for completion and he was certain he could provide that ecstatic feeling. A pull or two later and she broke apart, seeing stars, breath gone, sweat dripping, mind blank. He was blissed out, her blood singing through his veins, his world reduced to that one moment in time, his own come coating the inside of his tailored pants.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But, that was before he got so rudely interrupted. A little hellion was pulling him off the girl. The insults started flying as did her fists and it took all his energy away from the decadent pursuit to fend the concerned family friend. With his attention elsewhere, Mia recovered enough to drop on her feet and bring the tattered clothing in front of herself before discretely tiptoeing away from the chaos.

Letty had always had her back and Mia was more than happy for the reprieve and the opportunity to figure out why she was reacting so strongly to this Alpha. After all she didn’t know him, and yet she had been minutes away from giving him her hard kept virginity.

Brian was pissed and would have gone in battle mode, wasn’t it for the little woman standing in his way. Still he noticed the beautiful tattoo on the back of his girl as she escaped, a detail he would never forget finally etched in his memory and senses.

Fed up with the battle he grabbed the arms of the petite distraction in front of him and held them in a vice grip behind her back, she tried to knee him and that was enough to bring the barbarian in him out.

He vamped.

Right away she stopped moving, dropped her eyes and worked on calming her breathing. Busy as she was to save the virtue of the baby of the family, she didn’t think twice about the danger she could be in. Now, faced with an Alpha in his prime, unprotected by her pack, she didn’t want to anger him anymore and risk an all out fight between different factions. She didn’t know him which meant he could be a friend or a foe but in any case, she was not in a position to make a call or a stand…

Letty was used to confrontations, you don’t get to be the spouse of a powerful Werewolf Alpha without having to defend your position and his decisions. But the rest of their pack was away or in various states of inebriety so it still was most logical to wait and see. The vamp’s hold was bruising and she was sure that when Dom comes back, seeing those foreign marks on her skin will enrage him, but it’s neither here nor there. She said soothingly “You can’t touch Mia, she is still a kid.” It wasn’t true. In their world, puberty was quite often the marker for what could and would happen sexually, but she was unique and protected by all from the prejudice surrounding those that were special.

So, Mia was her name. She wore it well.

I am not going to hurt her.” He truly believed his statement. Brian wanted to cherish her, well mark her too, let the whole world know she was taken, nothing really out of the ordinary…

Well, then it can wait until our Alpha gets back. I’d feel more comfortable if you do not mind.” Letty still hasn’t brought her chin up to look him in the eyes but she stood relatively firm. Brian could definitively admire that.

What’s your name? And who’s the head of your pack?” Even though he wasn’t done he released her, she was taken and he really didn’t want more trouble with the locals.

Toretto. And I am Letty.”

Of course, Roman had to go piss on that guy’s territory!

I apologize Letty; and I will gladly meet with your pack leader at his earliest convenience. Allow me to pay my respects to Mia before taking my leave.”

It wasn’t really a question and Letty got the message. She wearily sized him up and slowly left the way Mia went, up some stairs. Brian went to find his boys, Tej was surrounded by a small group of people playing some card game, for money probably, and Roman was preparing some shots. He barely nodded their way and it was understood they’d meet in the car. Soon.

Brian went back to the kitchen and smiled. Mia had changed, wearing jeans and a long tunic covering her way too much. He still was enthralled though.

I apologize for rushing things Mia. I want to know you better and hope that you will kindly accept my invitation to dinner tomorrow night.”

Where would we go?” Not that she wanted to give him false hopes but the guy already knew her name and she still had no clue as to who he was and what he was doing here.

Let me surprise you, honey.”And with a small flourish and a wink he produced a simple business card, all black with a number and a first name embossed in white.

He turned back towards Letty that had snuck back on them, lowered his head in acknowledgement and left the kitchen, the house, as silently as he had came in. The two women barely had a moment to catch their breath that the door opened with a loud bang and two figures barreled through, punching and pushing each other.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dom was seeing red. He didn’t know who the tall blonde was but he reeked of his little sister. He could smell her sweet blood yards away permeating the guy, and of course he imagined the worse, Mia drained of blood somewhere in a ditch and the smell of sex… Ugh? Is that Letty I am scenting on him too? He was ready to kill!

The punches were distributed in a flurry; furniture breaking around them, the heavy bodies falling with enough strength to make the framed walls vibrate. And the Sucker was giving as well as he was receiving, so this was going to be a long, drawn out kick ass affair.

Brian refused to vamp and try to use the advantage his people inherently had. And he respected the elder Toretto even more as he too, refuses to turn Were and try to make a difference in the fight. There were nerves to assuage, stress to remove, fear for their beloved at the base of this meet and what are few broken ribs and bruises in the bigger context? Brian understood the solemn growls for what they were. ‘Do not touch what is mine, do not defile what is mine, what the fuck are you doing on my territory smelling of mine? He simply wished there would be enough of a lull in the fight to get him to explain. Toretto was like a freaking bull, seeing red, though not posing, resting, retreating, simply enraged and intent, refusing to give an inch.

It took a while and a broken window for the calls of Letty and Mia to percolate. There was kind of a stand still between the two men in which finally the pleas for calm resonated enough that Dom could register that both his mate and his sister were here, sound and safe, and maybe a bit pissed too. Brian was on his back, finally letting his head fall back and taking an unneeded breath to decompress, while Dom looked from Fang Boy to his sister. His confused senses trying to understand how these two got to smell in such a similar way in just a few hours.

He had gone this afternoon and everything was fine on the home front, now his little Fae of a sis was hitting him on the shoulder with everything she had to demand the attention she deserved and she was not a happy camper. He could definitively pick up on that!

Dom, what the heck do you think you are doing?” She had moved to pushing him back with her index finger, standing tall, well below his chin and yet making her point efficiently.

Mia, are you okay? What happened? When I scented you all over him, I imagined the worst.” He was a bit out of breath but managed to take both her hands in his and bring her to him, crushing her in a bear hug. A muffled answer came, that could have meant about anything as no one could decipher the mumble except for the two siblings who knew that in that one moment they were good and things will be alright… Kind of.

They turned back to the man now sitting on the floor looking at them with his bright blue gaze, a small smirk on his face. He had few cuts and blossoming bruises that marred the left side of it but he seemed in relatively good shape for someone that was in a bout with their pack leader. Dom reached out a hand to him and helped him get back on his feet.

Sorry man. Just curious, I guess.” Dom shrugged his well muscled shoulders pushing the incident on the back of his mind.

Well, I’d hate to see you pissed then”, declared Brian, cleaning his dress pants from the dust settling on them. “I am Brian O’Conner, Alpha of the Miami Vamps. I assume you are Dominic Toretto, Alpha of the LA pack?”

Dom didn’t answer he just pushed Mia behind his back. And she promptly circumvented him and came up on his other side instead. Dom was aggravated and tried again to put his body between the two and still his sister popped on the other side. It was becoming annoying.

Dom, I am not a child anymore, let me be part of this, after all it concerns me more than you”, she whispered. Both men looked at her, eyes intent, senses expanding, gauging the situation.

They could continue to fight each other, after all there can only be one Alpha in a pack and they were used to it; they could set their differences aside and try to work together, they could do so many other things…

To Part II

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Well that is certainly het. Lol, I know but the owner of the prompt specifically requested Brian/mia with an anonymous sex scene... It's hard to do without going Het :)

I like Brian strong too... I think that in the second movie, without Dom he was a good lead to the whole crew and even though I have no problem imagining Dom as a Top Dog, I don't see Brian as a sub either...

You have a point with Vince serving as that buffer that makes Dom look better, so in this story that plot get circumvented by having Dom being a were! Alpha which gives him more leeway to be physical and territorial without having to write one more character which wasn't in the original request.
It was complex enough to build this world I didn't want to on top of it have to write for so many characters without finding 'the' perfect voice for each of them... Bare in mind this is only my second fic in this fandom and trying to write perfectly everyone seemed a bit much to chew at once, lol.

Glad you like the Supernatural and 1st movie mix ♥

Ok, that was way steamy. Great descriptions, I could really see it :)

Are you nice with me or what?

Glad it gave the feel I was aiming for ♥

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