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Life as it should be...

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Well that is certainly het. Lol, I know but the owner of the prompt specifically requested Brian/mia with an anonymous sex scene... It's hard to do without going Het :)

I like Brian strong too... I think that in the second movie, without Dom he was a good lead to the whole crew and even though I have no problem imagining Dom as a Top Dog, I don't see Brian as a sub either...

You have a point with Vince serving as that buffer that makes Dom look better, so in this story that plot get circumvented by having Dom being a were! Alpha which gives him more leeway to be physical and territorial without having to write one more character which wasn't in the original request.
It was complex enough to build this world I didn't want to on top of it have to write for so many characters without finding 'the' perfect voice for each of them... Bare in mind this is only my second fic in this fandom and trying to write perfectly everyone seemed a bit much to chew at once, lol.

Glad you like the Supernatural and 1st movie mix ♥

Ok, that was way steamy. Great descriptions, I could really see it :)

Are you nice with me or what?

Glad it gave the feel I was aiming for ♥

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