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Life as it should be...

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Well I'm surprised Dom was the one that was trying to smash Brian to the ground. I thought it was going to be Vince considering how hot-headed he is.

Loved the buildup, especially the scene in the kitchen. Brian and Mia doing it in the Toretto seemed Brian definitely liked walking the danger line to having a stake put in his heart.

The ending was kind of abrupt but I loved the fic! \O/

I can see Vince doing it, but you didn't mention him in the prompt so I wasn't sure what your take on him was, plus Dom does have more of a vetted interested in the whereabouts of his sister in this context I thought :)

Plugging the Anonymous sex was fun to do! In the Toretto Kitchen was definitively careless, lol... Some folks have no sense of self preservation ♥ ♥ ♥

As for the ending, it really is about leaving room open for later once I had a better understanding of what you would want that wasn't in the original prompt. At least the kink part was completed... (wink)

Glad it made for a cool read \O/

I really like the second spin you took with this! It flows together much better with the two pieces. I still say this has more possibility! =) Great job.

Answering on a tablet is time consuming but I certainly wanted to thank you for stopping by :-)

I have to agree with you, this is a better version than the original... There are still items that beg to be explored but I suppose it's why it could become a Verse, lol.

Thank you again ♥ for the support and for enjoying this particular result...

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What squishy bits????? Lol, I happen to be a woman happily married to my man in real life, I sure hope there is some room for the likes of me in fiction, lol.

I know... I was just starting to get a hang of my slash writing and here I am going to the dark side :-) Sorry (wink)

I so like the idea of a Vampire High Command somewhere pulling some strings and Brian having to deal with the added pressure. You should join in this verse and write a little chapter for it... It'd be awesome!

I always thought of this as a verse because there was no way I could write that prompt in a 3k scene... However, I didn't write the novel in my head either. I was hoping to see a bit of the reaction to veer one way or the other.
However I think the slash fans will probably not flock to read (except you my friend you rock!!!!) or comment on the plot and the Het folks might be upset by the spanking... Doesn't leave a lot of room to discuss options and ways to continue or even gauge real interest in this World.

So, I was waiting to see if the plot bunny would visit me and guess she came via YOU :)

It will be great to see something imperative to conflict with Brian current interest and that will probably create real drama (will he? will they?) to move this story forward... I am starting to think, thank you ♥

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Well he just met them, so he may not be exactly undercover, he may simply not have disclosed the full extend of his reason for being there. It's not like there have been a lot of room to talk, lol.

Dom has to be intuitive and a good planner at the same time. I'd assume one thing that makes him unique is that he grew up with a Fae, something rare and misunderstood in this world. Maybe he found out something about their powers that other are not certain exist and maybe Brian need those powers to save one of the Ancient but doesn't realize it either... It's not like Faes folks didn't have to hide and that everyone has a clear idea of what they can or cannot do?

So many possibilities... I can't wait to read it.

The only thing is that we cannot bash any character to stay within the premises of the prompt :-)

(Deleted comment)
Well, I've read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies and tv shows with individual definitions of what the Faes/Elvens are (including the Supernatural version lol) but what I got from it is that most people get inspired by the following and then make their own out of it to serve their story purpose.
Therefore we are fairly okay building our own off the lore ♥

The Wikipedia all inclusive definition offers plenty of directions to follow for faes but there is also a whole area for elves in wiki that is interesting. In the Lore they can be superficial, malevolent or very helpful and beautiful.

In any case, this verse is more Pagan or at least believes in spirits and other-wordly powers :-)

My take is that ours would be lithe, creative, graceful creatures that can bring good or bad things/luck/fortune/powers to the folks with which they interact.

I personally like the ones portrayed in The Lord of the Ring Series even though ours cannot be that tall but the reason for Mia was to give her wings (even though they are hidden in the form of a tattoo on her back, to help us blend in the human population and avoid persecution).
Can she really have wings now or is it a recessed genetic part of her? I don't know. Is she more sensitive because of it? I don't know.

Lol, I hope this helps :)

More, More, More, More... Ok should I say more again? I loved where you went with this story. It was awesome. Again I loved how descriptive you were!

I'm wondering what Dom is going to have to say about all this lol.

Lol... I am concerned about Dom too... But when you have a chance for great intimity, all these pesky little problems do take a back seat *wink*

Thanks for reading and commenting on this, I am very happy to know you enjoyed it!

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