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Fast and Furious AU: And Time Stood Still ~ NC17 ~ Brian/mia, Dom/letty ~ Part 2
To Part I
Story is a Single Shot within a potential larger Verse. This is the completed part :)

FIC                And Time Stood Still (2)
AUTHOR       spankedbyspike

FANDOM       Fast and Furious Series (AU but based of first movie)
PAIRING        Brian/Mia, background Dom/letty
RATING         NC-17
WORDS         4049
WARNINGS   Supernatural Creatures, 1st Time, Caught in the Act, Anonymous Sex, Spanking, etc. Completely AU World but with a good basis on the actual series' characters...
In a world in which Vampires, Werewolves and other Supernatural creatures coexist silently with humans, a fortuitous encounter leads an Alpha Vampire from Miami to fight for his soul mate’s love no matter the differences that separate them.
PROMPT         List No 2 of the quatermile_km
BANNERS       All three wonderful banners were made by angelus2hot
: thank you darling!
NOTES           What was in my head and what time permitted ended up being two different worlds. Nevertheless, even though few members of the fandom seem to be into Brian/Mia as an actual couple, those of you that will still want to check the story please bare in mind that it has relatively explicit sexual situations. As well, I don't bash anyone and leave the door open to more interactions as the future Muse and comments may inspire... It's also the first time I write this pairing, so if there are blatant errors, typos, characterization flaws you are welcome to PM me and I will fix them plus update the post.
BETA              Thanks to sassygirl191 for the discussion and early beta. I wish my laptop didn't die and that we would have had more time to flesh this out :)
LINKS             Part 1 on my LJ, crossposted at prompting community, at the fast and furious lj community, at the spanking_world site for the 2013 rare fic challenge

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mia was pissed beyond words. The two men were macho alright… but with her life! No regard to what she may want and how she wants it. If she could she would have kicked them while they were rolling on the floor… She barely had the physique to make a difference without getting hurt and she couldn’t stamp her foot like a toddler having a tantrum, it just was so irritating!

You guys could at least talk to me before the brawl… I hate you all!” And Mia turned her back on the wrecked entry and went to her room, silent tears falling slowly on her cheeks. She’d lived around her Alpha brother since she had memories and never realized how lucky she had been that she’d always been protected and not often on the receiving end of his Alpha behavior.

She let herself fall back on her bed, grasping her pillow and trying to make sense of how she felt and what was happening downstairs.

Her senses were overwhelmed. There definitively was a pull towards the tall vampire, something odd happened in the kitchen and she had never, ever let anyone from the pack get that far under her skirt, literally. The rapidity with which they had gotten down to business was astonishing and she was already upset over that. Mia really wished she’d had someone to talk to about it, and she had hoped it would be her big brother. He’d known love for awhile, and no one ever doubted his commitment to Letty, his mate. The problem is that she can’t remember seeing him lose his senses the way she just did. Or, maybe she had been too young when they had hooked up together to notice or remember.

She still felt warm just remembering the wicked kisses from the dashing vampire, and she really needed to get a grip, because if there was one thing showcased by the fight downstairs, it is that he was about as pig-headed as her brother and not exactly eager to let her opinion and personality shine for itself either.

Mia understood why Dom and Letty did it. Since they realized when puberty hit her that she had Fae blood in her, it was all about hiding her true nature. There was still so much prejudice in the world and it had been easier to tell everyone around that she was simply a late blooming Omega and therefore deserved the protection of the pack. When unattached Weres got their Heat it was a bit dicey so she was staying mostly bunked at home but it had worked marvelously so far; protecting her nature, her virtue and her heart. Until now.

She’d been a good girl most of her life but the Vampire made her want things too much, too fast. She reacted excessively and in the calm of her bedroom Mia realized it wasn’t really becoming of the Omega she was supposed to be, but she also didn’t expect this display of testosterone to be so upsetting…Neither did she expect her own displaced outburst. Could it be her hormones waking up? How was she going to face everyone downstairs again? Heat spread to her face and neck, and again she hid in her pillow.

There was a knock on her door and she was fairly certain her bro was on the other side waiting impatiently to talk to her. “A moment please” she called loudly and went to the bathroom to pass some needed cold water on her face and check how presentable she was. She’d learned early on not to show too much as his take charge nature tended to take over and steamroll her.

Dom was leaning on the door jamb; arms folded appearing even more foreboding than usual. His split lip slowly swelling brought her to reach out to him and touch his face, follow the one bruise at his temple. She wasn’t sad as she knew how proud he always have been of any marks of a scuffle on him, he felt alive and she loved seeing the gleam in his eyes. She rose on her feet and hugged him, happy to have him back in the house, to feel his arms holding her tight.

Hey cara mia, what have you been up to? I leave for not even a day, and I come back battling your suitor?”

She smiled in the crook of his neck. “He is not a suitor… Yet.”

Well little sister, you haven’t really been a good girl, now. Have you?”

Dooooom. You can’t ask me stuff like that. It is private!” Mia was outraged, it wasn’t exactly the kind of conversation she usually had with her brother or really wanted to have now when her thoughts were scattered.

Not when I can smell you all over him, baby. I was going for blood when I recognized the scent Mia, you need to give me a warning…” Dom voice was barely a whisper but the low pitched growl travelled through their chest linking them

Dom held her tight. He didn't get the opportunity as often lately, on account of the siblings growing up and their duties keeping them busy and apart rather than actively sharing the duties and daily activities of the pack and he relished the tactile mark of affection.

With a hand on her neck he directed her back in her bedroom and kept her close all the way to the bed. He sat heavily and sighed while tucking her under his arm.

"You know, you are getting punished, aren't you?"

"I wish you would just forget about it." Mia replied, a bit resigned to her fate and yet hopeful that her new status of grown up would make that particular part of life in the household a thing from the past.

"Mia. Come on. You don't know the guy; you don't know what he may be up to and if it could have presented a danger to the pack. You know better than that! And getting involved with that man without me even meeting him... What if he had drained you? It would have put us all on the path to war!"

"Dom, it just happened so fast. I don't know how to explain it and I don't even know if I understand it, but I had this furious need to be there, touching him, and..." her voice faltered. She wasn't really used to talk about that level of sexual awakening with her brother and also, she knew and was aware that she could have fended the man off for a few additional hours. She had felt flush, interested in the attention of the handsome stranger and let herself succumb instead of trying to fight it off. And now, she also had the added picture in her mind of the men fighting over her actions, and how bloody or badly it could have ended up.

"I'm sorry Dom."

There wasn't really much to add to the discussion. The established hierarchy in their household as well as in the pack was very clear, and she had contributed enough to the mess without adding insubordination.

He pulled her closer to him and kissed her hair before putting some pressure on her neck and letting her take position over his lap.

She was a good kid often enough to make disciplining a rare activity in their family but when he had to step in, Dom never hesitated. Punishment had no value if it wasn't going to be strong enough of a deterrent for the action that created the need for the spanking in the first place. He was no non-sense and some would say a bit harsh but his love was never put in question; he loved his sister with every fiber of his being.

Steadying his sister on the bed and on his left leg, he closed his right one over her thighs knowing from experience that she was quite the squirmer. For whatever reason, she wouldn't yell bloody murder like Letty and promise retaliation or make vague promises of finally behaving but she was actively fighting every freakin spank she ever received. It was hard work to punish her but he was ready for the task.

"You don't have to count Mia, but if you make it more difficult than it is necessary, I can promise you ten with my belt." And without waiting for the plaintive complaint on the tip of her tongue he started a steady rhythm of spanks, his heavy forearm resting on her small back and steadying her position for the barrage aimed at her backside.

He didn't rest until he felt a little tingling on his hand. He knew that the fact she was clothed helped her bear most of the warm up and he didn't mind. her modesty was protected but he was sure that when he'd be done, there was no place on this earth she would want to be seating at.

He moved her long hair out of the way to look at her face and see how she was fairing, she was biting her small fist and was keeping her eyes scrunched but nothing more displaying the uncomfortable happening.

Dom therefore resumed the spanking, spending the next couple of minutes lighting a special fire on the top of her thighs. She had always hated that so it was no surprise she was trying to kick him with her trapped legs, pushing on her forearms to try to dislodge him, to no avail, of course.

Still, after the round he just completed, he felt that his point was finally felt and soon would be made. He stopped again to reassure her. He could feel hitches in her labored breathing and knew she was trying to get over the pain. There was no reason not to take a break and let her body assess the heat.

He came back to the task with heavier spanks on her bottom, almost lifting her each time off his lap, bringing his hand high to the level of his shoulders before letting it fall down on the suffering backside. He alternated between the left and the right buttocks and when he finally heard the little sob indicating she had had enough, he stayed front and center, making sure to impact botch cheeks at the time and settled for twenty spanks before calling it a job well done and declaring the spanking over.

Mia was crying softly in her folded arms and he pulled her back up, sitting her on his lap, well aware of the extra squirming she did to put more weight on her tighs and bring the shadow of relief to her well punished behind. Dom didn't mind and he tucked her under his shin, feeling the fat tears rolling down her face and getting lost in his now damp t-shirt.

"I love you, little sister. And I don't mind you meeting Brian and even making a life with him. You just need to give me some time to make sure everything is alright and that I am certain he will take good care of you."

"I can do that myself, I am an adult now!"

"Gee, little spitfire! You want to try that tone again or find yourself spanked some more?"

"Nope." This; Talking to Dom while sitting on his lap, with a burning behind wasn't exactly easy to make her point anyway, so she was going to choose her battles more wisely and let this one fly.

"Can I see him again soon?"

"Yes, baby, as soon as I have a talk with him. I can bring him up to discuss for few minutes before we all come down. There is no way; we won't do a formal presentation now. Just promise me to behave, okay?"

"You are mean, Dom! You knew I still had to show up downstairs, why couldn't you spank me tomorrow?"

"Mia, by now you should know I always believed in not putting off to tomorrow what can be accomplished perfectly well today." He grinned and she smiled back... She did know him too.

She slowly lifted herself, looking down at him she whispered "You are crazy bro, but I love you." and then she found a nice little spot, right in the center of her bed, and laid flat, on her tummy over it.

He swiveled on his side and caressed her long dark hair for a while, bringing them both some peace through the light touch.

"Rest a bit, I'll send Brian in a few and will get everything ready downstairs, Cara Mia. Don't fall asleep, okay."

And he left, slowly closing the door behind him, hearing the faint noise of someone blowing their nose soon after.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the silence of her room, Mia started by rubbing her behind, trying to diffuse the heat, and knowing that if she removed her jeans, she certainly wouldn’t put them back on. She absolutely did not want to get a third outfit out to go downstairs later and it appeared that the night was going to seem much longer than she thought, in particular if she had to sit.

Another forceful knock sounded on her heavy wood door.

Feeling languid and at peace she opened the door to be faced with the lone vampire. She assumed her brother would be there with him.

Where is Dom?” she asked while trying to peer around the lean but unmovable body blocking her view.

Brian was towering over her, a lustful look making his blue eyes shine even brighter, and a quirk of the lip that belied his calm demeanor. He appeared ready to pounce rather than apologize, and Mia wasn’t sure if she should feel antagonized or enchanted by the display.

He is having a beer in the backyard and asked me to invite you downstairs after we chat.”

My brother decided to let you come to my room? Alone? In which universe? And… Why?”

Mia was baffled, Dom wasn’t exactly old guard in upholding the traditions of their people but he wouldn’t let anyone put his sis in a compromising position and the Alpha standing at her door seemed like the type that took no prisoners. She was either going to fold or flee.

Brian. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I can’t think right now and things just went too fast.” She turned her back to him and went to sit on her bed, in retrospect not the brightest idea of the evening. She had barely settled herself though that he was by her side, a large hand on her thigh, distracting to the max and adding pins and needles to the way she felt.

Mia wasn’t born yesterday. She understood that he wanted to push his advantage; the question was Should she explore what he had to offer? And why in the world Dominic is letting it happen?

Well, there wasn’t really time to delve into the why and how because Brian was already taking control of the situation. One moment his thumb was driving maddening circles on her palm, and the next he was kissing her hand. It was chivalrous and bold at the same time, she was melting…

First things first baby. You can’t talk to your brother or to me like you did in the kitchen. We both hold position of authorities in our respective communities and no matter how much we love you, we need to keep spats in private.”

She knew that, but she thought she had valid grounds for being upset. Even though her intentions were good, it did put the men at odds with their Packs but it was a party and not pack business, she should be given some leeway!

hey, I’ve learned my lesson already!” Mia wasn’t ready to disclose what happened earlier with her brother. “Anyway, what makes you think there is any future, private or not, that involves the two of us?”

Would you deny the attraction between us? Come on, Mia, I can’t wait to lay with you, to feel your blood coating my gums, to have you come undone under me, to make you the center of my life and work relentlessly for you to let yourself love me with as much passion and abandon. Give yourself room to discover me, to delight in us.” It felt like a plea; it looked like one too, and Mia realized how rare such a declaration could be from an Alpha of that level of power. Being raised in the Alpha house gave her a perspective about the life alongside of a leader and she knew that even though the idea of imprinting was a myth, most of them do feel the pull towards the right mate. Brian felt right.

What do you want from me? I have yet to visit the world, see how green the grass is elsewhere. I am not sure we should simply decide to commit to each other.” Mia knew she was playing hard to get and egging him but she couldn’t seem to stop.

We can travel together. Always. Anywhere. I just don’t feel like letting you out of my sight, Mia.” Brian smile had turned predatory and when he leaned over her for a kiss, she was fairly certain the night was going to end up even more torrid than it had started.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The kiss was hot, the dueling inspiring even though Mia had to take a breath and put a little distance between them. She ended up lying on her rumpled covers, hissing slightly as her warm behind hit the covers, and Brian didn’t dawdle before lying on top of her and letting his hands roam while his mouth latched on the beautiful column of her neck. He was not sucking very hard, just enough for the hickey to bloom and satisfy a deep need exploding in his chest to mark her.

Her little fingers were grabbing the twisted fabric of his shirt, hesitating between smoothing, pulling, prying, sneaking; and he just couldn’t wait to feel her warmth on his own skin, so he closed his fist over them and pulled up, freeing the cloth from his pants, finally leaving some room for some skin on skin contact. His eyes crossed with the thrill of contact, the proximity of the rushing blood in her young veins.

His left arm brought her closer, while his right hand bunched her top high above her bra. He went to town on the scrappy garment, biting it and pulling it, not because he was defeated by a single clasp but because he liked being all up-close and personal. Her fragrance was intoxicating and the pebbled tips still hidden under the fabric, a call no man could resist. She moaned, a bit frustrated, primed and ready. Of course, who could withstand the wet and dangerous pull surrounding her nipples, Brian’s teeth had lengthened and even though he wasn’t biting her – yet she liked everything about it and started undulating underneath him, completely frustrated with herself for thinking her skin tight jeans would be the answer to her previous feeling of vulnerability’.

Mia wanted them off now, and thankfully Brian was on board with that plan as his clever fingers had followed the dip of her back and were pushing the heavy material down. Her underwear was caught in the bunch and the yelp of surprise that came with the quick snap of the silky piece was a great counterpoint to the sigh of pleasure Brian let go. Pulling the material out he let it fall on the side of her head, a heady reminder of the fact that she was bare underneath the jeans and that this powerful Alpha had done it was quite the touch.

She wouldn’t be caught passive; she worked the zipper down his slacks, ignoring the button for the time being to let her nimble fingers do some discovering of their own. He was thick! She barely could take him in hand, until she realized how long his cock felt, and then a bit of panic settled in. She wanted this! Badly! But she was inexperienced enough that maybe this was a tiny bit more frightening than exhilarating. She tried to remove his hand but he was fast and instead pushed against her with his hips, working the friction and the pleasure to reach a new high. Seeing him so abandoned to the delight she was bringing him, reassured Mia a little and she relaxed a bit, kissing his jaw, licking behind his ear, reaching out for his kissable lips and following them with the wet tip of her tongue, making him shiver above her.

A frenzy of movements followed, both lovers removing the offending garments keeping them apart. There was a ripping noise and a tear in her jeans that she could hear but didn’t care about and a small spike of pain reminding her of the warmth still simmering on her backside. And, finally, thankfully, they were naked…

Brian lay on his back and rolled her so she could settle over his larger body, her breasts a beacon for his hands, and then his mouth, and finally his teeth. The small pin pricks gave him that little boost of ambrosia he couldn’t wait to swallow, while the tiny pain made her grind on him, a win-win for everybody!

He wanted to do more and spend hours exploring her body but he wanted to explode into her even more, so he stopped and pulled her tight in his arms, letting his large hands roam over her smaller body, surprised at the tiny ridge he felt under the tattoo he’d glanced at earlier in the kitchen.

He was light in his exploration, marveling at the shiver and contented purring noise coming from Mia, realizing how sensitive this part of her was. He laid her on her front, helping her to get comfortable with the pillow before sitting back on his knees and watching with amazement the beautiful design tattooed on her slender back as well as noticing the pink hue of her beautiful behind, he lowered himself reverently and followed the pattern with light kisses. She melted like butter, undulating, trying to meet him and get more pressure, more touches, more kisses and her moaning turned desperate. Brian himself couldn’t resist anymore and he covered her with his bulk, nudging his straining erection between the rounded cheeks of her appealing behind, he was not sure how long he could hold back but there was no way now he could get back from the edge.

With a firm slap on that luscious behind he got Mia to turn with an outraged yelp that he swallowed settling between her welcoming thighs, his fingers delving between them and finding her wet, ready for him. He positioned himself with more eagerness than finesse but by then the call of nature was overpowering all their senses and it did not matter much. He slowly entered her, using his hard grip on her hip to stop from bursting through the fine membrane that was still going to hurt. He rocked back and forth until he could feel her returning his passion, swaying faster and faster to meet him, forgetting everything at once. He brought the hand up to the side of her breast, relying solely on his powerful thrusts to bring them both to completion. The feel on his sensitized member of the flimsy yet solid barrier was something he had never felt and it was a heady experience he hoped to lengthen but they had both reached their limits and his lunges got more powerful, her body pulling him in, fluttering around his engorged cock, tightening and releasing until neither could move anymore, seizing in their shared climax, minds blown to pieces, connected physically and spiritually in ways words couldn’t describe, at least at that moment.

Brian rolled to his side, pulling Mia with him. Needing to stay in her, bathing in their juices, in the reassurance that this was going to happen again, knowing that he’d found his home.

The End.

Pss... Comments do help us write more and better :-)

Original Prompt: LIST # 2

Top 5 Kinks:
1.) Alpha/Beta/Omega;
2.) Anonymous Sex
3.) Vampire/Werewolf/Wereanimal:
- If Brian/Letty/Mia, the girls have to be of one form while Brian is of a different shifter.
- love to have some biting claims/markings as well
- Mia turning Brian if he's human against Dom's and especially Vince's wishes
4.) Dom/Sub - Brian can't be the sub,
5.) Wings
- One of the people in the pairings has wings, the other doesn't
- Those with wings are discriminated against
- Wings are hidden as tattoos, markings, or blemishes on the back;
Kinks or characters/pairings you DO NOT want to receive: Brian/Dom, Brian/Vince, Slash


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Well I'm surprised Dom was the one that was trying to smash Brian to the ground. I thought it was going to be Vince considering how hot-headed he is.

Loved the buildup, especially the scene in the kitchen. Brian and Mia doing it in the Toretto seemed Brian definitely liked walking the danger line to having a stake put in his heart.

The ending was kind of abrupt but I loved the fic! \O/

I can see Vince doing it, but you didn't mention him in the prompt so I wasn't sure what your take on him was, plus Dom does have more of a vetted interested in the whereabouts of his sister in this context I thought :)

Plugging the Anonymous sex was fun to do! In the Toretto Kitchen was definitively careless, lol... Some folks have no sense of self preservation ♥ ♥ ♥

As for the ending, it really is about leaving room open for later once I had a better understanding of what you would want that wasn't in the original prompt. At least the kink part was completed... (wink)

Glad it made for a cool read \O/

I really like the second spin you took with this! It flows together much better with the two pieces. I still say this has more possibility! =) Great job.

Answering on a tablet is time consuming but I certainly wanted to thank you for stopping by :-)

I have to agree with you, this is a better version than the original... There are still items that beg to be explored but I suppose it's why it could become a Verse, lol.

Thank you again ♥ for the support and for enjoying this particular result...

Edited at 2013-10-11 08:35 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
What squishy bits????? Lol, I happen to be a woman happily married to my man in real life, I sure hope there is some room for the likes of me in fiction, lol.

I know... I was just starting to get a hang of my slash writing and here I am going to the dark side :-) Sorry (wink)

I so like the idea of a Vampire High Command somewhere pulling some strings and Brian having to deal with the added pressure. You should join in this verse and write a little chapter for it... It'd be awesome!

I always thought of this as a verse because there was no way I could write that prompt in a 3k scene... However, I didn't write the novel in my head either. I was hoping to see a bit of the reaction to veer one way or the other.
However I think the slash fans will probably not flock to read (except you my friend you rock!!!!) or comment on the plot and the Het folks might be upset by the spanking... Doesn't leave a lot of room to discuss options and ways to continue or even gauge real interest in this World.

So, I was waiting to see if the plot bunny would visit me and guess she came via YOU :)

It will be great to see something imperative to conflict with Brian current interest and that will probably create real drama (will he? will they?) to move this story forward... I am starting to think, thank you ♥

(Deleted comment)
Well he just met them, so he may not be exactly undercover, he may simply not have disclosed the full extend of his reason for being there. It's not like there have been a lot of room to talk, lol.

Dom has to be intuitive and a good planner at the same time. I'd assume one thing that makes him unique is that he grew up with a Fae, something rare and misunderstood in this world. Maybe he found out something about their powers that other are not certain exist and maybe Brian need those powers to save one of the Ancient but doesn't realize it either... It's not like Faes folks didn't have to hide and that everyone has a clear idea of what they can or cannot do?

So many possibilities... I can't wait to read it.

The only thing is that we cannot bash any character to stay within the premises of the prompt :-)

(Deleted comment)
Well, I've read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies and tv shows with individual definitions of what the Faes/Elvens are (including the Supernatural version lol) but what I got from it is that most people get inspired by the following and then make their own out of it to serve their story purpose.
Therefore we are fairly okay building our own off the lore ♥

The Wikipedia all inclusive definition offers plenty of directions to follow for faes but there is also a whole area for elves in wiki that is interesting. In the Lore they can be superficial, malevolent or very helpful and beautiful.

In any case, this verse is more Pagan or at least believes in spirits and other-wordly powers :-)

My take is that ours would be lithe, creative, graceful creatures that can bring good or bad things/luck/fortune/powers to the folks with which they interact.

I personally like the ones portrayed in The Lord of the Ring Series even though ours cannot be that tall but the reason for Mia was to give her wings (even though they are hidden in the form of a tattoo on her back, to help us blend in the human population and avoid persecution).
Can she really have wings now or is it a recessed genetic part of her? I don't know. Is she more sensitive because of it? I don't know.

Lol, I hope this helps :)

More, More, More, More... Ok should I say more again? I loved where you went with this story. It was awesome. Again I loved how descriptive you were!

I'm wondering what Dom is going to have to say about all this lol.

Lol... I am concerned about Dom too... But when you have a chance for great intimity, all these pesky little problems do take a back seat *wink*

Thanks for reading and commenting on this, I am very happy to know you enjoyed it!

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