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Life as it should be...

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Haha, you ladies make me laugh.

The saying goes to "nip something in the bud" as in before it has a chance to bloom, not the butt. :-D :-D :-D

But I like how your dirty minds work nontheless :-D

LOL, Glad you had a good times with this.

As for the bud vs butt, I know what you mean but in the heat of the moment in role play it seemed more fun, made us laugh then and now again, so we kind of kept it :) We are mischievous like that, lol...

And yep, we've seen the bottom, looked up at the top and decided to stay where we are (wink), we are bad and possibly in need of a bit of spanking too :D

Thanks for stopping by and even more for commenting it's great to have a sense that we do not write in a vacuum ♥

So you watched the series of movies?

Nope, haven't seen F&F, but if you write a story full of spanky goodness I'm a gonna read it, and there ain't no two ways about it :-)

I don't know anyone who is NOT in need of a spanking, but as the great philosopher Jagger once said, "You can't always get what you want" :-)

By the way, I soooo loved the Fantasy Island story Itsmecoon posted for you... all I can say to that is Oh myyyyy! *drool*

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