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Decadent? Excessive? Not in my Dreams! (Crowley/dean, NC-17) season 9
Decadent? Excessive? Not in my Dreams!
by Spanked by Spike

Dean Winchester & Crowley (King of Hell some days...)

Set sometimes in mid Season 9 (word count: 526 / NC-17)
Crowley/dean story written for the Valentine Challenge at spanking_world
Crossposted at Original Community and AO3

Note: I know it's not a good ole parental spanking stories but for the few that will take a moment to discover it, I hope you'll enjoy and who knows? maybe comment, lol


Crowley loved it; much more than he thought he would… Honestly everyone should get a chance to work with the Winchesters. As eager puppies goes, they were fantastic. Wounded, wearing their heart on their sleeves, their hopes destroyed, it was so close to heaven, Crowley wondered what he did to deserve it.

He may be considered the paper pusher of Hell but he did his share of torture. He wasn’t the most skilled at it but he did develop a healthy appreciation of broken souls and the phases that made it possible. What he liked about Dean was that he had it all, in one decadent and scrumptious package.

The boy could be single minded and the King could enjoy such a focus, in particular if it is directed solely at him. Dean was on his knees, sucking him. With that particular concentration Crowley admired so much. The pinkish lips plumped with the sustained exercise, the slight rasp of teeth tinting the pleasure with just the right amount of hurt, the nimble fingers playing with his straining balls, all factors in the blissful moment he was experiencing.

Of course, Dean had fought with Sam… A pity really because Crowley could have found a use for the younger Winchester, naked and bound right by his side… It did make Dean more amenable though, so he wasn’t going to think twice before playing his cards. It had been brilliant to get Dean naked, even more dazzling to see his peace of mind return under the flogger’s care. Crowley had been careful to use the implement to warm the skin, play on the rhythmic impact of the implement on the man’s back, but never to break skin. Those had been long but gratifying hours spent bringing Dean to a sort of trance, his mind neither fighting or accepting suggestion, just at ease and not dwelling on his increasing fights with gigantor.

Crowley doesn’t need sexual prowess to be satisfied. Still he recognizes that Dean is quite talented with his tongue… It has been ages since he relished skin on skin contact, so he blames it all on the unhealthy bondage forced upon him by the siblings. Honestly? How hard would it have been to let him stretch his muscles? Well now, he gets his bit of exercise, albeit late but as satisfying.

His fingers clutched the skull at his groin, actually noticing the spiked hair, the soft shells of the red ears, the brittle neck, the desperate pumping of Dean’s fist on his own member, seizing on wild contractions he couldn’t control, rendering his mouth that much more firm and tight, the suction becoming unbearable to the point of pulling Crowley under, his seed spilling over, filling the human mouth and dribbling on his cheeks, falling in drops on the rumpled bed sheets.

Dean swallowed in big gulps, licking his sore lips, exhaustion and completion making him sleepy. He leaned forward, glad to feel Crowley pulling him up on the bed, content to let sleep claim him.

Crowley found his second wind and settled next to the Hunter, wishing for a cigarette… They really do make sex better.


crowley_dean_by_takagitsundere-d50uh88 Isn't this inspiring ???

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Duuuuuuuude. Awesome. I love this! Esp the bit about the flogger putting Dean into a trance/taking his mind off Sam. Great work!

Lol... Glad you enjoyed it.

I think Crowley wouldn't be like Alistair, he'd want to drag things and therefore be working the compound effect of impact flogging rather than something that might be too bloody.

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

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