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In the Service of his Master (part 2)
inspired by MMSA Aicher pictograms

Author's Name: Spanked by Spike
Story Banners by:
Title: In the Service of his Master
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,034
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester/dean Smith (not related), John Winchester, Alastair.
Story Summary: Sam, a doctor in the ER services of a hospital in San Francisco must leave town to help his father, a Hunter, deal with a Supernatural being close to Portland, OR. There, he discovers a submissive man, dean, and starts a BDSM relationship that could change his life.
Warnings: Mature wording, concepts and content with explicit sex, BDSM elements, some non sexual and non graphic abuse and Spanking
Link to Story:

Original Prompt: AC06 with Master: Jared or Sam; Slave: Jensen or dean
Primary Prompt Phrase: BDSM gone wrong, healing Secondary Prompt Phrase: Mute!jen (dean), ER doc + Dom! Jared (Sam)

For Round 1 of Slave Exchange: 

Note 1: Thanks to Phantisma for setting this wonderful challenge and community and I really hope that my take on this prompt will meet the prompter agreement.

Note 2: I read plenty of hardcore things but somehow I started working on this challenge and got stuck hesitating between AC02 and AC06 and at the end of it all, I went with a more contemporary (as much as can be in this fictional work) view of what could be the setting of an actual Master/slave relationship rather than being based on an existing world/society that already condones it. I hope you won’t mind.

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Sam was seething. He understood Dean had a life before they met but he never liked unknown elements coming to head with his nicely laid plans… He didn’t want to stress Dean more than he was though, so he kept a large hand on his trembling thighs on the way back home and drove as fast as he could.

Emptying the basket on the countertop, Sam got them a drink and led the way to the sofa. Dean dropped at his foot, without a moment of hesitation and Sam took his head in his hands to focus both their attention to the discussion at hand.

“Are you alright?” he asked and the sub nodded simply. Liquid green eyes opening the path to his soul.

Sam had so many questions but also enough patience for the both of them. “How often have you played with that guy?” and Dean brought his hand up showing four fingers. “Was he rough with you?” and seeing Dean lowering his gaze and rolling his shoulders was a bit alarming but it didn’t appear like he was willing to make a big deal of it. “Were you alone with him, all the time?” and another nod made Sam close his eyes.

He went for a chaste kiss on Dean’s beautiful lips, slowing the moment, grounding them.

“If you are with me, I’ll never let anyone touch you without my supervision. Would you like that?” It’s a grunt that answered but still he opened his eyes, just a slit but enough to get lost in the encouraging depth of Dean’s. “I’ll be harsh, consistent, firm and push you to the limit, mostly my limit. It may not be better than what you have here, what you’ve experienced so far, but I’ll give you my undivided attention. I’ll make it good for you even when I hurt you. Even better, I will show the assholes that played with you before, how amazing you are, how perfect of a slave you can become. They’ll envy me, and they’ll all want you…” Dean breath was now short and labored, his cock engorging as Sam described what he wanted for them. His tongue flicked over his parched lips, his eyes glazed a bit, let the sparks of gold shine. “Would you want that, Dean? Would you serve me?” And there Dean did something unique, pulling Sam’s hands he brought them to his heart, covered them with his and nodded vigorously, the smile blinding.

“Thank you Dean for your trust and thank you for coming on board. Give me a month and then if it gels, a contract.” A grunt and a series of undefined utterances followed in a rush. “Shh… Wait a moment Dean, give me a second.” Picking the small notebook and pen from the side table he pushed the items in Dean’s hands.

Thank you Sir! I am honored to be of service!! Are we going to the Munch on Saturday? Will I be your sub? Dean penmanship was good enough that even with the slow pace used to write these sentences now that he couldn’t hold his hand the usual way, Sam could read them clearly and answer without ambivalence. “You are welcome boy! I appreciate your commitment. Yes, we will be going to the Munch and absolutely you will be there as my personal sub.”

Standing straight on his knees, Dean then started to undo the buttons of Sam’s shirt, opening the flaps, caressing the pectorals that impressed him so much few days earlier. Time slowed, the exploration becoming the focus of every gaze, every breath, every action and reaction. It was now, about how to feel, how to experience and how to commit to memory this sealing of the deal.

Sam let himself enjoy the attention, the slow and loving touch meant to discover and arouse. He leaned back on the sofa, opening his legs to leave some room for his new sub to operate. Dean was taking his time and it was the right move for both of them. They needed to set aside the picnic confrontation, the life changing decision they just made and clear their mind to enjoy the sex. Sam’s cock was stirring and pushing the fabric enough to show his bulge, Dean let his right hand down, cupping it through the clothes, massaging the thick shaft and once he got a satisfying rhythm going in lowered his lips to the pebble tips of his new Master nipples. Scratching lightly with his teeth to see the muscles ripple under the touch, he then lathe the taut skin, kissed them and started again. The need build way too fast in Sam. He usually can control himself, almost as much as what he requires from the sub playing with him but this was going to become a fast and furious coupling if Dean didn’t slow down a bit.

Sam pushed the hand fondling him away and made to open his pants. Quickly the kneeling sub grasped the need and with two febrile hands started undoing the fastenings, and pushing the underwear pass the straining cock. Sam lifted himself to allow the clothes to be pushed out of the way and could imagine the decadent image he offered, his pants at his feet, his shirt splayed open, his dick twitching…

It got Dean’s seal of approval because he didn’t hesitate to start fondling the heavy sac underneath the cock he swallowed at once. Sam eyes crossed, the pleasure was intense, the need to plunder his little sub already a driving thought in his one track mind. He let Dean suck him up for a minute before pushing him back.

“Get naked boy!” the order was a bit on the breathless side but he wasn’t anymore into subtleties, he needed to come and he needed to do it in his sub.

Dean rose quite graciously for someone as eager as he was to get a lasting fucking. It had been awhile and he wanted to feel stretched and conquered. He made a production out of shrugging his long sleeve t-shirt, shimmying from his pants, turning on the side and raising his ass as he shoved the socks out of the way and finally facing his Master again to remove the black shorts still protecting his privacy.

There was no more of that now, everything he is, everything he owns, everything he thinks and everything he wants will be shared with the new man in his life.

Sam couldn’t stop starring at the sculpted body put on display for him: Dean was perfect! Defined like a stud, skin pale enough to show any kind of play that will be imposed on him, endearing freckles everywhere… He couldn’t wait to take ownership of that present.

Aware of his Master perusal, Dean adopted one of the most common waiting positions for a slave and opened himself, physically and mentally to the figurative strip down he was getting. It was appealing and frightening at the same time. He could feel the flush gaining on his skin and tried to calm down, to enjoy being on display for his Master.

Sam stood, looming over Dean and simply kissed him, without touching him anywhere, getting rougher and deeper, slicker and more demanding and soon his sub cock was as hard as his, standing at attention, brushing his. They were both so excited, Dean let a small grunt come to fore, showing how concerned he was of not being able to stave his orgasm, and Sam got the message. He took one pace back and held his hand for Dean to take; following him to the back of the sofa and pliant, he let Sam fold him over the back, far enough that no fabric friction could set him off like a rocket.

Sam covered him with his big body, the flaps of the shirt framing their bodies. He pushed three fingers in Dean’s mouth, who earnestly started sucking them, knowing this would probably be the extend of slick he will get before full on penetration.  He licked between the digits, as far as he could go, making himself gag in his eagerness. Sam big dick was nestled in his crack and both were rocking into each other, Sam other arm keeping them close but not touching him, where he really needed it.

Dean was close to his limit, he wanted it so bad and could only beg with his movements, the broken sounds escaping his lips, the trembling limbs and hoped Sam will help him soon, will soothe this all consuming need, will appease his fragmented mind.

Sam wasn’t faring much better and slowly pulled his fingers from the gorgeous mouth of his new sub. He backed up enough to kick Dean’s legs apart, able to see his beseeching hole and push one wet finger in to the first knuckle. The gasp he got for his effort was music to his ear, so he let the other two push slowly the ring of muscle guarding that secret entrance. Dean’s enthusiasm is what allowed the full on breech, as he danced on the invasive fingers until his body opened up and swallowed the thick digits. It was tight! He feared for his soft skin but the need was bigger, he wanted to be owned, and now! Sam played with the beautiful stretched hole beckoning him, pushing in and staying there to help his sub get used to the fullness.

With his other hand he finally took Dean in hand and started jerking the poor lad who keened, clamping on the fingers in his core. Sam closed his fist at the base of Dean’s dick right away until the boy was used to his hand on him and as Dean relaxed and Sam could move his fingers in and out of his ass again, he released the chocked hold on the other man’s cock and went to play with his sub slit, gathering the precum flowing there, letting it drip between the tip of his fingers and finally pulling back to coat his own cock with the fluid.

The sensation was amazing, and the sensitive tip of his cock twitched with the attention it was getting. Sam withdrew the fingers that were stretching Dean and positioned his own cock there, remnants of the precum from his sub, easing the way to the head popping inside. His cry coming in was echoed by the grumble of his sub, finally, they were both getting what they wanted, even though the light lubrication made the sex that much rougher, that much more like a claiming, that much more intense and meaningful. Dean thought he was going to die, the pleasure too much, he was dribbling on the carpet, his cock so flush, so hard, he rediscovered his body with that new urgency, so he pushed back on his Master member, not realizing how big the man really was and that there was no way he could impale himself in one go. Dean shook his ass, gripping over the fact, and Sam took hold of his waist, getting a small back and forth rhythm going, feeling his dick inching in his boy, the confined space massaging him, making him see stars. Refusing to pause to help Dean adjust, he covered his sub and pushed, getting another 3 inches in as a reward. Dean trembled in his arms and Sam pulled back just to slam with more force, feeling his own feet sliding on the floor with the powerful movement. He secured his footing and did it again, pulling out and slamming back. Sweat was now pouring from both bodies, slicking their movements, keeping them in perfect harmony. Dean knew he’d still feel this one tomorrow but he too was going at it with gusto, his unattended dick reminding itself to his attention. His aborted movement to touch himself, earned him a slap on the hand by his Master and he tried to forget about the siren call of his own body, the powerful fucking he was getting helped a bit as well as the fact Sam bit him on the shoulder, holding on to him by the bite, bringing a level of pain and primal drive not experienced yet. Dean wasn’t his own man anymore, all of his consciousness was on the man loving him with such enthusiasm and soon enough, his Master hand came back to him, stripping him forcefully in a massive orgasm.

Dean let everything go, his body wracked by the orgasm, tears falling unbidden from his closed eyes, pulling his Master in and clamping on the special cock bringing him to the pinnacle of pleasure. He almost missed the pulsing cock coming in him, so lost in the blissful moment. It’s the come coating his inside that brought him in the present, the heaviness of Sam on his body, the gripping hold of the arms around him, the labored breath telling him that his Master came with as much heartiness as he did.

That was definitively the way to close their deal!

Sam was thrilled. He hasn’t been long enough with Dean to be able to judge how he will react to his proposition. It’s not that Sam had a desire or not to be exclusive as much as he needed control, over the way he lived his life and over the way his sub was experiencing things as well.

He’d grown relinquishing some control to his hard ass dad, and he’d learn to get it back the hard way: working on himself and on projecting to other people, one day at a time. By the time he had left for Stanford, his father had accept that side of him, because even though there were some fights, there were also amazing opportunities to show him his respect for his trade, and the level of preparation Sam could do to research and fight back when needed; and in the end that was what his dad had wanted, an assurance his boy will survive no matter what happens, no matter if he is not with him.

That had gone a long way in smoothing the hard edges of their relationships during the teenage years and now he only remembers fondly that period. Still, Sam wasn’t in the mood to let anyone else determine what he wanted to do and how things are meant to happen.

Saturday was awful to start with. Dean was upset and couldn’t calm down. He didn’t know how to explain to Sam how bad his previous experiences with that group of people had been, even if it’s at one of those meeting he had hooked up with his one and only Dom.

He was second guessing his choice to go, after all Sam had already made his intention clear. Dean will be going to live with him until the end of the year, did he need the good standing blessing of the establishment in his home town? He wanted to head back in bed, bend over for Sam, get pounded full to the brink and filled with something else than freaking pulses in a condom; finally getting authorized to fucking come, and not to waste a day with a bunch of potential sadists that wouldn’t want him for the damages good that he is…

In any case, he wasn’t in charge here, still Dean couldn’t find a way to forget about his insecurities, to put these couple of days in perspective and to trust Sam with his future. Sam had prepped them for hours, knowing that Dean will not use one of his hands for few more weeks, so Sam had shaved them both, and following through to the sub pelvic area he finally concluded with a soapy enema, that had cramps wreaking havoc with Dean who had forgotten the toll it took when not done regularly had grunt what amounted to curses through the process enough to earn himself a slight paddling. So, he lost the pouting and thanked Sam for taking care of him by falling on his knees, adopting the best posture he could, keeping his eyes down, every part of his body available. Sam came closer and carting his fingers through the short spikes he pulled the man closer, allowing him to nozzle at his crotch, breathing in some level of peace and understanding that he will be taking care of. He just had to be proud of his resilience, the beautiful desire to serve he embraced, the trust he could bestow in his chosen partner and the belief in how far the both of them could go.

They arrived in mid afternoon, happy to see that the group was fairly small as there weren’t more than 20 people in the house. The suburban home was partially converted throughout. The garage was a full blown dungeon, but in every room you could notice hooks on surfaces and furniture both  privacy films on the windows, a green room had been build around the outdoor spa and the patio furniture were replaced by BDSM ones. Finally the study, a huge room whose beautiful French doors where pushed open, showcased the magnificent library shelves and display cases, keeping the amazing array of tools in view and yet protected from the dust, the changes in temperature and humidity. The options were so vast, Sam and Dean walked around the room twice. Dean couldn’t express himself but Sam was attentive enough for two and could see which toys and implements were the most interesting for the sub. Two more couples arrived and then they were set for the festivities.

All subs were called in to the kitchen and the Masters and Doms settled in the large leather couches in the Living Room. Sam had met a couple of interesting people, like that Jim Beaver guy that would certainly give a run for his money to his Dad. He was alert, smart and quick to mouth off, the lithe girl that had followed him around couldn’t be more than twenty five but she looked like a little spitfire too. Sam wondered at what stage of her training she was but couldn’t not admire the warm relationship that seemed to link the two. Their host, a man named Alastair was more difficult to read. He had a broad smile but both his sub and his slave were too weary and silent to be natural. They were moving gingerly, so they probably had been punished before the meeting, the male slave stayed at Alastair feet at all time, the sub was moving between the guests with plates of snacks of all variety, mostly finger foods that Dominants could feed to their submissives; she never strayed, wouldn’t have been cornered by another Master from the way she moved.

Dean had been very good at staying at his side or within two steps of him. He kept his eyes down and smiled here and there after recognizing some other subs or slaves. One thing he was good at, was carrying himself straight, and proud. Even though, he was submissive, not really meeting other people’s eyes, addressing them or responding, he was elated at being here with Sam who is taller than him, even taller than Master Alastair and allowed him to be in a position he never was in before. Less afraid of the others, of what they could do to him and the fact he couldn’t call for help, he couldn’t be saved if need be…

Sam smiled at him everytime he managed to look for him.  It’s like he never let him out of his sight…  What a rush! Of course, that was until the call came. The kitchen was full, the twelve of them lined up around the island waiting for their orders. Master Alastair came and you could hear a pin drop, every one looked down at their shoes, hoping to make a good impression and not disgrace their owners or Masters.

Dressed all in black, he appeared impressive, foreboding and intolerant: “Girls! Boys! For the next few hours you will be serving and servicing us. You will don the following outfits and then wait in the holding area set up for you in the garage. You will not move from it, until called. You will only do what you are ordered to, nothing more, nothing less. Perfection is expected from every one of you, and mistakes will be punished on the spot. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Sir!” They answered in unison. Dean grunted and nodded along the other…

“Undress and follow the orders Kane here will give you!” and with that he turned his back at them, bare specks of dirt in the wind, no need to further pay attention to them. They didn’t wait. In a flurry of movement, shoes got kicked, pants and skirts dropped, top quickly removed and nobody bothered keeping any underwear. The only things still adorning any body was any piercing placed by an owner, some cock rings and even a butt-plug. There was no time for being self conscious, they all knew they did not have any right or expectation of privacy, still you could see some care in the way some bent to pick up and fold their clothing, holding them close. They followed the burly guy called Kane to the side door leading to the garage and were surprised to see the series of dog cages lining the back wall.

Kane walked behind the neat row of subs and shoved forward a few, motioning to get with the program and enter the cages. Space was tight for most of them, Dean included, but the main reason from any anxiety came from the fact they were turning their back to the proceedings. Not knowing when and for what they will be called, having their privates on display, forced to fit in a tight confining space without any relief from the position they adopted. Only the best, experienced in reaching subspace or loosening their limbs with little rolls, would showcase how discerning their Masters were.

Those that stayed behind were fitted with old fashioned corsets for the girl who must have been tighten quite snuggly if the small gasps that could be heard were any indication. Dean wasn’t sure what the men wore but it must have been acceptable as no sound was heard then… He tried to find his zone… not focusing on the kennel cage surrounding him so snugly, he’d been in one the previous time he played in public with his old Master and he had panicked until his owner gave him something else to concentrate up, a nice rubber dildo to suck on. Dean had always had an oral fixation, having something in his mouth, being able to push it, pull it, squeeze it, blow it is probably one of the most amazing sensation for him, one that brings him happiness, console him when he feels down, brings him peace when he’s been hurt.

Today, there was nothing to take his mind away from the confining prison, the bars digging on his knees and elbows, the few noises made by the other subs around him, distorted by the fact everyone had their head down, and the shuffling of their bodies around to keep the blood circulation going as long as possible. Dean was okay with the cramps sure to come, the ants that will crawl on his nerve endings, he had to think about his future and this was as good of a place to do so. He was stuck so he could as well ask himself the hard questions and reach within himself for the answers.

Sam was intense, as demonstrated by the love making session they shared and the promise he made to him. Dean had no doubt this new Master will be high maintenance, forcing him to be on his toes, to learn new tricks, to find his motivations and really know if he is made of the right mold, if he can commit not only to a 24/7 relationship now but if he can until death do them apart…

He must have zoned out because the next thing he knew, his Master was crouching in front of his cage. He looked up, losing himself in the depth of the changing colors of those slanted eyes, and without even thinking about it, he kissed the two fingers that made it inside the cage, opening his mouth to lick them.

Sam was rocked. He had never kept his dogs in a cage of any type but seeing Dean in one, so subservient, licking at his fingers the way his dogs greet him, he got rock hard in a minute. That was his boy!

The proceedings had been quite informative in the other room, and it had been sensual and sexual to see the other Doms playing their subs and slaves to perfection. Sam knew he hasn’t build that kind of connection with Dean yet but he was confident that between his sub desire to please and his skills they could do as good of a showing.

In any case, Sam wanted to show them all that Dean was his. They can covet him, they can dream of him but they can’t touch him, just envy Sam for the beautiful submissive at his feet.

“Hey puppy, you are okay here?” he whispered to his boy, aware of the other Masters taking charge of their own subs for the second part of the entertainment.

Dean nodded and licked the fingers hanging in the cage with more vivacity.

“Good boy! We are going to do something new in few minutes and I need you to trust me. Do you trust I’ll take care of you, baby?”  His magnificent sub just dropped his gaze and leaned into the fingers, showing his submission and desire to serve. It was a gesture of pure beauty!

Sam opened the cage and helped Dean out. He was a little wobbly on his legs but had protected his splint well and was easy to lead to the day bed against the opposite wall. Sam lowered his sub there and kneeling next to him started massaging his limbs, one by one, re-establishing the circulation in his body, whispering to him the whole time to keep Dean focused on him and attuned to his movement and indications. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time. They will be the third team to play out of the five remaining ones and he pulled Bastinado out of the freaking hat.

Sam had thought it through. He could use a small cane which was the most used implement in heavy corporal punishment that was sure to make some damages or the heavy black rubber whip. As a doctor, he knew that this would be quite a painful ordeal, for the simple fact that there were so many nerve endings in the foot, but with the cane he took the risk of hurting the small bones and tendons located all over the sole of the foot. So, he’d rather use the rubber implement which will be heavy and provide quite the heat but not single out tendons or bones.

He had to hit Dean ten times per the play card, so he needed to do some warm up of sort. He pushed Dean on his back and let his big hands roam on the stunning body, from the shoulders to the muscled arms, to the well defined torso and the wonderful hips, massaging the legs and finishing with the feet, stretching the toes, slowly twisting the ankles left and right, up and down, warming up the tendons and keeping the boy loose.

Dean was purring as much as the sound he made could be interpreted, his eyes bare slits following the movements of his Master, his ears straining to hear his encouragements.

Finishing up with a few strokes on the full cock resting on his sub thigh, he dropped a kiss on his lips and started talking.

“We will be doing a scene of bastinado today babe. I’ll be hitting the sole of your feet ten times. Shhh… Don’t panic… I know, you’ve never done it before but I’ll pace myself, let you get used to the heat, to the impact. I’ll talk to you, all through the play, just listen to me baby, forget about everyone else in that room and just focus on me.” Dean nodded again and leaned into his side seeking a kiss from his Master; A kiss gladly given, tongues playing languorously until it was time to get to the living room.

Dean followed Sam two steps behind, his head high but his eyes lowered. He was going to make Sam so proud!

The lights in the room were much more subdued, all voices hushed, there was still a couple playing in the center, the needles slowly removed from the sub. Dean didn’t look, focused as he was on his Master but Sam appreciated the skills displayed in front of him. The work allowed him to calm down and start getting things in order in his mind for their scene.

He played and replayed in his mind how he will approach and play this.

They moved the setting and a large ottoman was brought forth and Sam instructed Dean to kneel on it, keeping his legs closed, his ass high in the air away from his feet and his torso flat on the furniture. Dean was holding his hands together like in prayer.

Sam walked to the table with the implements and picked the rubber strap. It was about 2 inches wide, maybe ½ inches thick and almost 20” long with a wood handle of almost 8 inches. It was an implement made with love and already softened by multiple practices if the smooth edges were a good testament of its use.

Sam used it on his own hand just to gauge how to yield it and right away he regretted the strength he had used. His palm was tingling and already turning a deep red. Dean had flinched and Sam could understand how not seeing what was happening could be frightening.

Still, he planned on having the first few stokes applied that way as a building of trust exercise. He settled behind his sub and the rest of the group behind him in a big hush of movement. Dean tensed so Sam used his free hand to reassure him, messing around the short hair and keeping his hand on the dip of his back he let his wrist snap and have the first stroke reach both soles. Dean flinched but nothing more, his breathing stayed even, big breaths followed by long exhales. Sam went back to the task at hand and applied the second stroke, and a gasp came from the crowd, Dean’s feet had moved, the blood rushed to the tip of his toes, and Sam inspected his handiwork. The next strike was on the in-steps, his sub grunted and Sam went back to his head whispering encouragements, Dean was doing so well; the wide implement creating deep marks on the blank canvas. The fourth one was applied from the opposite side, mostly on the heels and Dean grunted again moving from side to side, obviously in pain. Sam touched the soles and was impressed by how hot they felt. One more and they could take a break. Staying in the opposite side, he aimed for the toe line instead, a virgin territory, that Dean was able to take without exterior signs of discomfort. Sam was just so pleased!

He dropped the implement by the head of the ottoman, inches away from his sub head so he could finally have a look at what hurt him so much.

He took his time to grab a bottle of water and brought it to Dean’s mouth allowing his kneeling sub to slowly take a sip and then a second one. He repositioned the boy this time flat on his back and bringing a tall chair to the end of the ottoman, holding the legs up and putting them on top of the back of the chair. Dean’s cock had shriveled due to the pain but his smile was blinding. He could focus on his Master, watch his sparkly eyes respond to the silent signals they were sending, a blessing.

Sam was now holding both his ankles in his big and strong hand and resumed the bastinado, the first lash still surprising but not as painful now that his feet had some reprieve. He wasn’t so lucky on the second one and flinched again. Sam paused, looked at him and smiled. The most beautiful smile ever and Dean answered. This didn’t count, the pain was just momentary, the pleasure he provided to his Master was the only thing of importance. When he smiled back Sam resumed his hard work, aiming again at the heels accompanying the flinching movement with one of his own, dropping a small caress on the abused sole before hitting the balls of the feet and finally looking at the small crowd before the last stroke.

Dean had tears in his eyes but still didn’t try to escape the pain. Just letting the teardrops fall on the side of his face waiting for the next step from his Master. Sam brought the implement back to the table set on a clean towel, he pushed the chair and gathered his sub in his arm. Carrying him to the big leather chair on the corner and setting Dean on his lap, kissing the tears away, blocking the sound of the applause they garnered. Both of them calming down from their high. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur but. Now, their association was finally established, no one would look at Dean as an unattached sub available to take and abuse. As well, Sam now belonged to Dean only, finding in him what his soul truly need a partner understanding his darker impulses and willing to submit to them.

Thank you so much for reading :)

In this verse there is now a follow-up story called The Rules of the Game

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Is that it? You've successfully left me wanting more, I was waiting to see some medical play and to find out why Dean was mute. Any chance of a sequel?

That is such a sweet comment!

I had grand visions for this fic and I ran out of time... Too many commitment, not enough time and life kicking my a**

I love medical play and I already know everything about dean muteness, maybe with the right push... I might WRITE a second part after Wicked Awards gets going (hint, hint if you want to nominate) to get all these other ideas on paper.

Believe it or not this is the longest fic I ever wrote and I panicked a bit thinking that probably it wouldn't find a public...

Thanks for commenting though, you made my day!

Edited at 2012-01-26 01:07 am (UTC)

Very interesting little slice of a BDSM Community. No wonder Dean was nervous, just getting the description of Alastair, I got nervous LOL.

So who abused Dean, broke his fingers? The man from the park or someone else?

At least Sam will be good to Dean. Otherwise he seems like fresh meat staked out for all these guys to tear apart. Dean deserves better!
: )

Well thank you!

I did not know whose prompt it was and how to tailor my story to the style of that person, so I was very worried here.

In the concept, the BDSM group has sent some goons to remind dean that even though his Master was no more in the picture his attendance was mandatory to the Munch and they roughened him a bit... But I had bits and pieces of that story line but my date was looming and I chose instead to make the story as complete as possible and leave aside all the other snippets of scenes I had so far.

I sure believe that Dean deserve much better than the group of Alphas that were aiming for him. Sam definitively makes a difference.

I was about 5000 words short of what I had in mind but then I second guessed myself trying to thing of what would work for the original prompter and I froze.

Still I hope this work pleased you.

(Deleted comment)

You are sweet... I honestly did not think this story will have a public, too tame for the subject in a way...

But now that I know that you might see something of value in here.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

OOOOMMMMMGGGGG, this is hot! But I have to say the thought of Dean/Jensen being mute kinda makes me laugh. But he always has been good with facial expressions. You did a hell of a good job!
Too tame? Hon, I think a bunch of us got ourselves a little education on a few things. There is no possible way this fic is finished. I will personally nag the hell out of you until you do. (Imagine me showing up in your town again, growling and drooling for more. I will have the chicken quesadilla again, that was tasty.;) )
I really enjoyed how Sam was to Dean, so protective. His Dom commands scared me a little, but see? I'm learning!
Please, please give us more. This is your gentle 'push', girlfriend. We need moarrrrrrr!

Girl... Quesadilla time with you anywhere, anytime!

Glad you loved this. It was quite different for what I thought I did but I enjoyed the trip, even with all the stress...

I am very happy that you liked it, learned a bit, and got so into it that even the commands resonated with you.

Ok, we will talk about some ideas and I'll try to add few chapters to this baby!

Thanks also for reading and commenting; you know it's appreciated!

I am a greedy reader - more please? I was really looking forward to Sam subjecting Dean to medical play. Very nicely doen

Lol, i am too.

I am working on the follow up but I am also the co-owner of Wicked Awards (by the way anyone can nominate and there isn't that many rps or spn there so far, hint...) which is in the middle of a round and get a bit overwhelm between the work there and real life.

Give me until Sunday, and by then, I hope I'll find a beta to be able to post the next part.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I must admit I don't usually read this type of fic, but as I admire your fics so much, I just had to give it a try. I personally thought the prompt sounded quite complicated, so you did an amazing job filling it. I was really able to feel for the characters here and I'm glad I read it :)

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I know the topic could be too specific and off putting but I really wanted to try for something out of my ordinary...

Now, I didn't even know you were admiring my work... I feel bad posting it online in a hurry without a full blown beta work now.

I am glad you ended up enjoying the character development and the direction I took with the prompt. It's a personal pleasure for me to know you ended up liking this, so thank you for giving it a try and commenting!

Plus, loved your icon...

Beta? A beta? You say you need a beta? Hmmm, I wonder what a beta does.....correct spellings? read through to make sure it makes sense? Sorry, don't know anyone willing to do that.. Ahem, growl, grrrrr. I've been officially dissed, and by a very good friend. Shall go cry on my "daddy's" shoulder. Sniff, sniff.
Pester, pester, nag, nag. chapter 3 up yet? is it up yet? is it up yet?

It's almost a 1000 words... working like a slave here! (pun intended, lol)

This gave me a different look at a BDSM community. I will join the others in asking for more!

Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting.

I really wanted THE OTHER SIDE of the BDSM world to be visible, in terms of this is not just about two people living in a bubble but two people with bagages that have tried to find happiness aware that their kinks separate them from the larger part of society.

Of course, Munches are not specifically like that... In particular the public ones. But things are always more practiced and safe than people imagine. BDSM is about limits but not about abuse, even though abuse can be found.

So, I do not vouch my picture of this community is realistic (after all I needed villains to move the story forward) but it is helping me bring a three-dimensional view to it, I hope.

Working on part 3 right now, but it looks it could still be a good week out...


I loved this fic, but agree with the others, its just crying out for a sequel. More please? pretty please??

Guh, I love your icon!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this story!

I am working on another part, directly following this one. Do you have any ideas yuo'd like to see, I can probably integrate any hint or prompts along the way...

but but...*pouts* more?

so good :)

Really more?

What would you like to see?

Thanks so much for commenting babe!

I thoroughly enjoyed this!! Very intriguing story! Yes I would love to see more, find out the story behind Dean's muteness and more in the BDSM community!!

Great job!!

Oh wow that was a nice comment. Thank you!

I am working on the next part and hope to have it reviewed soon... It's going to be about them going into Sam' world.

dear god you can't end this here!!

I was SOOOOOO into this, reading along very merrily, & the next sentence was, "thank you so much for reading." I started clicking around madly at anything I could click on to find the next part! I finally read some of the comments & realized that you did end here, but it sounds like you may be considering adding more some time.

I really enjoyed this & you can add me to your list of fans encouraging you to continue with this story! Thank you!

Lol, I am sooooo sorry!!! I did not want to crush your drive and enjoyment of the story lol...

Thank you so much for the nice comments and yes I am working on a follow up. I have no clue if it will be the direction you would like he story to take but I'm trying... This is honestly the longest thing I have ever written and I am afraid just thinking of this as a verse... Bear with me and I hope you will enjoy!

Cheers :)

This was an interesting concept conveyed with a specific and sound rationale. I applaud your attempt to distinguish a certain degree of satisfaction which is equal and necessary to counter abuse and neglect in a Dom/sub relationship. The park encounter was a forceful reminder in that respect.

Both parties eager enthusiasm to enter into a dom/sub partnership so quickly after initial ER encounter seemed impulsive and a little confusing. However, in the light of later revelations and Dean's past abuse, their course seemed destined to collide...and who can resist an injured and extremely submissive, not to mention apparently available Dean:).

The Munch gathering was very tantalizing a hot bed of decadency which was thoroughly engrossing. I have never heard of the term Munch used in BDSM before but I have read about these sorts of events. I have also never come across AC02 or AC06?

I hope you don't mind some concrit but there were some awkward terms/phrases through the narrative, and simple mistakes which I found a little distracting. I believe a beta would have been money well spent.

I enjoyed this story and will be checking the follow-up. Thanks.

Edited at 2013-04-15 07:04 pm (UTC)

Thank you for the review...

I wrote this two chapters very quickly to fill a prompt and I am aware that I rushed the outcome a bit to give something meaty to the person requesting it.
Still, my biggest concern was actually how much time should be spent on the fantasy world of bdsm as we fic authors write it versus the negative points of some real life relationships and how to meld them into a new type of relationship. That was important to me but I freak out at the idea of long fics or big bangs, so we got the bastard version here...

In my town, all BDSM meetings are called Munch(es). When they are in public, you mostly see people dressed oddly and if you pay attention to who seat where, you can deduce the relationships but when they are in private, there are a lot of play happening.

As for AC02 and AC06 they were just the two prompts I could pick from, simply follow the link given in the title block to The Slave Exchange LJ and you could see what our choices were. You can also find fabulous fics written for it.

As for the mistakes, yep they are all mine, English is number 3 in the 5 languages I've learned and I believe I am sometimes translating from another language in my mind and the result doesn't flow.
Please let me know, if you remember the problem areas, if not I will re-read it this weekend and see what typos and problems I can fix.

Thanks for the crit, it's appreciated :)

This was interesting and intriguing! A look inside a world I have a different view on and it was great to learn new terms and scenes. I really enjoy the relationship these two have and the trust that has so quickly built between them. If you need that beta still, I'm yours.

You have different views of the world of BDSM parties? Would love to discuss this by PM...

I only know how things work in my town and I am really curious about other experiences out there.

Not that this is something I've seen in real life but there are real bits and pieces that allowed me to give depth to the background I needed.

Glad the relationship works for you and doesn't seem forced or unrealistic.

I'll take you on your offer ;-)

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