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Vegas Con was Much Better than last Year
SPN VEGAS CON PHOTOS to wet your appetite...




If only I knew how to deal with the videos :)

There was spanking and hugs and laughs...

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Don't tell me that! LOL

Glad to hear that you had a great time!
I went to 2013's Vegas con and decided not to go this year due to various issues - mainly that I live in the UK and it would have cost my loads of money...
I was disappointed that J2 were only on stage for 1 hour and if you hadn't paid for Gold tickets, or photo's etc., you never really spent time with them.
Maybe I'll go to the next one!!

Re: Don't tell me that! LOL

I cannot believe that you, trumanshell and me were in the same con last year and did not meet!!!!

I feel so bad... :(

Last year tru and me had Silver tickets and it was fun but overall this year we had the Gold ones and it was exponentially better and not because we had the additional lunch with J2.

Everyone was in a better mood, more loose, more eager to talk with the fans, be a bit silly and also respond with smart and inspired comments to good questions.

Even the questions were better, it really felt like last year they were still searching for themselves and this year they had found their groove (kind of... Matt Cohen rocked last year I thought).

Anyway, I am looking for someone with a server big enough to host the videos and then it would be like you were there with us... It's just that the files are sooooo big!

These pics are gorgeous, good for you that you went, Spanking, what!?

Thank You!

We had good seats and Tru's camera is awesome in dark spaces...

Well Gabriel canned Chuck, Balthazar self-spanked and even Castiel delivered some justice... What can I say except that they were inspired, lol?

And some of it is on video too :-)

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