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The Avengers: Tony/bruce - From His Knees a World of Discoveries (3/4) NC-17
Author: spankedbyspike
Artist: milly_gal
Type of work: Fiction et Art
Title: From his Knees: A World of Discoveries
Fandom: The Avengers
Main Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Tony/bruce, Pepper
Type of Fiction: BDSM
Beta: the wonderful angelus2hot
Summary: Tony and Bruce are all on the edge and Pepper has an idea: they need to relieve their stress in a unique way, a special time in which Control takes a different meaning and they discover layers upon layers beneath those they present to the world at large.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2060 (for Part 4, next Part will be posted soon)
Created for the following Prompt: Control is always important where Bruce is concerned (Master Tony / slave bruce) for the end of year challenge at slaveexchange designed by the inspired phantisma.
Notes & Warnings: Adult Alternate Universe post all Marvels movies up to 2015. This is another type of Master/slave story that happen to neither be harsh or abusive (apologies but it is quite consensual and soft BDSM instead of pure slave fic).
Finally a special thank for the lovely milly_gal whose art post can be found on her LJ and who has been a pleasure to work with. We would all be so luck as to work with someone so open and supportive! Best Holiday Wishes and thank you again ♥
Previous read in the series: Intro and Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Funny I tried to record myself reading the first paragraph: cool experiment even though my voice is too soft :(

Chapter 3: Your Glorious Touch


But enough wasted time already. The nap he took after the activities of this morning was needed. Bruce still felt sluggish and even the Hulk wasn't fully up to par.

Bruce had never even conceived so much pleasure could be experienced and now he was tasked with thanking his Lord and Master.

He'd studied many Eastern religions to calm his inner self and along the way he did get an introduction to tantric massages so he started thinking about what he would need...

The MP3 on the bedside table was stacked with instrumental music he could use, the bathroom had shelves filled with all type of scented oils and lotions, therefore it really was about his skills and his submission here.

He looked around and the full size bed was perfect to have access to Tony's body from all sides. The high count thread sheets were soft under his calloused hands, the dozen of pillows of all sizes thrown on it would help support his Master limbs no matter the position he will adopt.

Bruce looked around, not certain about the lighting. He could make up a switch by the door but it was for the overhead light, too bright for what he needed so he finally sighed and then called on Jarvis for help.

"I need diffused warm light within 3 feet of the bed Jarvis, can you help?" and the disembodied voice clearly replied "Of course it can be done, give me a few minutes Sir."
It was odd to be addressed as such by Jarvis, when Bruce hadn't seen clothes in 3 days and absolutely did not feel decent in any way. Nevertheless he could trust the A.I. to make it work, so he went in the kitchen to prepare some ablutions: warm green tea in a kettle, bottles of orange juice and cold water on a tray that he slowly brought back to the room that was now subtlety lit in blue lights matching Tony Arc Reactor.

*** *** ***

This morning had been incredible and he will remember it for as long as he lived. Tony had called him over to his Sauna room and he had been pampered to an inch of his life. Starting with a warm soak in the wide spa that had at first soothed his body before he was brought to the edge by the clever fingers of Tony on his quickly engorging member and he had begged at once to finally get to explode, and of course it was denied. Every time he thought he’d reached his limits, Tony would squeeze the living daylight of him and leave him unattended, plucking his nipples, mouthing hickeys at his corded neck, before heading south and playing with the sensitive area of his perineum.

However if Bruce thought this was maddening, it was nothing in comparison to how the rest of their morning had played out.

While still dripping, Tony had led him to a bed of hot pebbles adapting to his body and cradling him in such a way he felt like he’d never been in a better space, until Tony started licking his cock. The guy was trying to kill him that was the only explanation. Except this time when he was ready to burst, Master started slapping his dick until he lost his erection. Bruce wanted to be mad, he really did but he really never was the focus of so much attention, he wouldn’t jeopardize it with a quick release when he could be the star of the Stark show: so, he endured!


Bruce needed to shake himself. If he delved any deeper in memories he would never accomplish anything and Tony was on his way down already.

He breathed in the aroma of the citronella essential oil he just opened and let it settle him. There was something so virile and energizing about it that he could easily associate it with Tony Stark. He let the open bottle perfume the smaller room and dropped to his knees on the fluffy pillow he has set on the side of the bed, now was the time for him to center himself.

Kneeling with his legs slightly apart, his shoulders pushed back and positioning Bruce in such a way that it showed his pride in being there even though you couldn’t gaze in his closed eyes… His posture had certainly improved over these last days as did his dispositions. He had come here almost giddy knowing he could explore his sexuality with a kindred spirit but now he had dropped his guard. Not that he had a long time to fantasize about things before but Tony had been so different from what Bruce would have penned him as a Dom. He had been supportive and almost tender, except no one could really associate that word and sentiment with the megalomaniac public picture his friend is known to display. Tony also had been firm almost rigid in what he wanted and expected, at no point was he abusive or mean but you could see a core of strength when you were in Bruce position that had been a welcome discovery. It meant that given time and opportunities, there was a real chance to get this relationship to a structured level that is fulfilling Tony elemental wants and his own need to be controlled and mastered.

*** *** ***

The door opened quietly and it’s a barefoot Tony that approached silently. Ruffling Bruce’s hair and waiting until their eyes connected. “So how do you want me Brucie.” Tony asked, happy to use the nickname and set himself in whichever way the sub wanted for this hedonistic pleasure.

Staying on his knees, Bruce pulled on both of Tony wrists to invite him to sit on the side of the bed. And only then did he rise to his feet, leaning forward to place a chaste kiss on his Master forehead before turning to the side table and pouring a small cup of Green Tea so Tony could get hydrated.

By the time he took 3 sips, he pulled the cup away and with his freed hands lifted the printed t-shirt Tony had on and once it was removed he folded it properly before setting it on the high back chair behind him. Pushing the pliant body down until Tony was laying flat on his back and only then did Bruce started helping him out of his yoga pants, rolling one leg off once it caught. Finally, regaling on the sight of a fully naked Stark, completely at his mercy!

Bruce pushed the wide button on the MP3 and the music playlist he had readied started filing the silence with melodious notes, so he warmed up his hands rapidly and came to stand behind the top part of the head of the bed. And slowly put his hands on the corded shoulders before slowly bringing them in the luxurious strands covering the scalp he had decided to massage. He wasn’t applying much pressure but he was letting his fingertips scrap a regular path up and down, left to right, from the heated ears to the center of the skull and back.

Tony growled in appreciation when his skilled fingers touched a particularly sensitive point or had the perfect pressure. And little by little, Bruce expanded the movement to cover the cheeks, the chin, the forehead and finally the neck. Tony was putty in his hands and they had yet to do anything sexual… Simply perfect.

The movement at Tony’s temples were now concentric, the rough patch of Bruce fingertips soften by the oil but still a bit stronger than what the Stark heir was probably used, still it had the advantage of providing the incredible trust and relaxation he could enjoy here in his home with a man that he counts as a friend, that can rival him scientifically and that is laying out his devotion the best way he knows how.

A small shudder went through Tony, amplified as the movements above him started encompassing his shoulders and upper arms. As Bruce stopped to add a little more oil, he stepped to the side, running nimble fingers along the arm in front of him before starting to more vigorously knead the muscle from the clavicle to the hot palm, pulling on the relaxed fingers, twisting at the end of the movement, a bit liked he’d corked on the man cock head if he had the opportunity to blow him. He started again from the top and on the third round he raised the open palm to drop a quick kiss to it. Afraid he would be called on it, he ran the back of his hand up and again ended at the head of the bed, massaging the pinkish earlobes until the sigh from the man laying down told him he was fully under, comfortable, and from then he went to the opposite arm.

Bruce didn’t know how to explain it but he was getting as relaxed as Tony. The repetition was just bringing forth such a tranquil state, he wanted to test the theory further as he was getting closer to Tony’s tantric centers.

He finished the second arm and again went back to the head of the bed before leaning over Tony’s face to start a run down through the pectoral muscles around the arc reactor, stopping to explore the suppleness of the nipples now standing to attention underneath the firm pressure expressed by Bruce fascinated touch. Foregoing the fun, he went even further investigating the slight indentations around Tony’s abs. Starting slightly ticklish, his strokes turned more firm, mapping out the torso laid out for him to play while his shirtless body bent further more and letting his warm breath erase the goosebumps that had appeared. It wasn’t hard to push the stretch and let his fingers survey the treasure trail trimmed as beautifully as the facial hairs Tony sported. Bruce rose and added a bit more oil to his hands before settling between the open legs of his Master; The man was like an open book absolutely nothing in his posture screamed stressed or unsure and that alone was an aphrodisiac to Bruce. He had full blown access to this incredible body and he had given his.

Bruce couldn’t imagine going back to a casual relationship after these few days but now wasn’t anymore the time to dilly-dally than earlier. He applied himself and attentively rubbed these muscled legs to end up indulging at the inviting vee of the tempting groin area, a fattened penis laying among the softer curls and Bruce hands itching to initiate a different type of hand on manipulation, but he used restrain, happy for the fact they had played every day and he knew that at some point the logical conclusion of the evening will find it’s course, he keened. Patience was easy to aim for, when it was a matter of reining his intellect, not as much where his raging hormones were concerned. Bruce wasn’t a teenager anymore but it’s been ages since he’s played sexually at that level and now that he was awakened everything seemed to be impacting his libido.

Anyway, he needed to get back to the task, and he lowered himself to pepper kisses on the body exposed below him, still running his hands up and down the legs bracketing him, kneading the reachable gluteus, and slowly backing up in his prostrate position until he could stimulate the soles of the foot he could now access.

Tony’ feet twitched on the left, surprised maybe at the light contact, so Bruce concentrated on that one more carefully, like the hands earlier he used his knuckles to knead the bottom of the soles, his palms to soothe the top and pulled on the oiled toes until Tony whispered his appreciation.

Before working on the next one he nudged Tony to turn on his front and he did. True to his words and his world, Bruce was finally certain he will stand by him at all times, any times, no matter what he needed or when he would need it. There could not be a sweeter submission, and Bruce smiled, closing his eyes and letting his hands, and forearms and body do the talking because he had find his guiding light, his foundation, and his reward.

The end.

(Well I have one more chapter being reviewed now to add but it doesn't seem that there is any interest in this particular story so this is probably the last of it being posted and I can concentrate on writing again for SPN).

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